Listed here are the recommended supplements for longevity, whole body health, illness prevention and healing. If you have additional requests please message SunYogi using the website contact form.

Vitamins and Minerals

ORAC Greens

Maximum Vibrance

Protein Powders

Garden of Life Raw Protein (Vegan):

HealthForce Warrior Food (Vegan):

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate:

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate:

Algaes and Kelp

Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder:

Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Tablets:

Jarrow Chlorella Powder:

Kelp Powder:

Seeds and Seed Oil

Hemp Seeds 5 lbs:

Hemp Seeds 3 lbs:

Chia Seeds 2 lbs:

Flax Seeds: Buy organic flax locally for about $2 per pound (cheaper than shipping)

Hemp Seed Oil:

Flax Seed Oil:

Water Supplements



Crystal Energy:

Concentrace Minerals:

Vitamin D

Liquid drop:


Omega 3


Dr Ohirra Probiotics

Digestive Health (constipation, overall improvement)

Triphala (organic) or

Triphala (non-organic) or or

Triphala (powder) or

MRM Cleanse Power (a gentle liver and intestine support)

Bone and Tissue Repair



Dental Health

Tooth Powder:

Face Treatment

Dr Christopher’s Facial Cream (repair):

DermaRoller Skin (repair):

Acure Orgaincs Facial Scrub (youthing): or

Derma-E Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer (youthing): or

Acure Organics Argan Oil: or

Leven Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil (better than Argan):

Cancer Treatment

Red Clover:

Skin Cancer:

Pau D’Arco Shifted Loose

Vitamin C

Intestinal Cleanse

Lauriciden Monolaurin

Lauricidin Monolaurin has been shown to effectively kill candida, fungus, bacteria and viral infections. Take Lauricidin with food. Follow instructions on the bottle. Purchase 1 container of Lauricidin Monolaurin.

MagO7 Intestinal Detoxification


Many of these health supplements are sold by When you check out, use this coupon GRF203 on your first purchase and you’ll save $10. Also when you buy more than $40 you save 10% off your total order. Another discount is automatically given for a Volume Discount (quantity per individual item). Buy 2-3 of a single item and save 10% on these items. Buy 4-11 and save 12%. Buy 12+ and save 15%. This Volume Discount applies to the number of each item, not to the whole order. So all together, you’ll receive up to 3 discounts on your first order and then up to 2 discounts on every order after that.

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