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Technique for Tuning in to Higher Guidance: The Sun Is the Form of AUM

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The great saint Kabir said ““The sun is the most immediate physical form of AUM we can experience, for it is really solidified, materialized AUM.” In this article by the Ananda Church of Self Realization, we learn about the relationship between the Sun and the spiritual sound AUM (OM). With quotes from Kabir, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Swami Kriyananda, we learn that the Sun is the form of Aum. By meditating on the AUM sound we connect with our Higher Guidance.

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What is Sunlightenment?

This website is dedicated to the free discemination of information on the healing powers of the Sun and the spiritual practices of Sun Gazing and Surya (Sun) Yoga. All information is given in the spirit of the Sun, whom shares its Light and Love without restriction. May all of humanity benefit from the enlightening energy of the Sun and the wisdom of all beings who share in this service of Sun Yoga.

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