2010 Sacred Solar Teachings Symposium

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For 40 years¬†Gene Savoy kept the secrets of cosolargy – ¬†using the sun’s rays for health and enlightenment – secret, giving them only to select initiates of his church. Now his sons have teamed up with Dr. Mitchell Gibson, a former initiate, to reveal these secrets to the public at a one-day seminar.

The 2010 Sacred Solar Teachings Symposium

June 26, 2010 – Los Angeles, California USA

Sponsored by:

  • The Jamilian University of the Ordained
  • The International Community of Christ
  • The Tybro Corporation

Presented by:

  • The Right Reverend Gene Savoy, Jr
  • The Right Reverend Sean Savoy
  • Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson MD
  • Kathy Haynes Gibson: Moderator

The Solar Lineage Techniques

In many ancient cultures all over the world, the concept of sun worship is nearly as old as mankind. Man depends on the energy of the sun for life and sustenance. It is no surprise that many cultures have deified the sun.

The Egyptian peoples honored Ra, the sun god. The Greeks honored Helios, who was worshipped as giving light and life to all. In Native American cultures, such as the Iriquois and Plains peoples recognized the sun as a life-giving force and held a Sun Dance each year, which was seen as a renewal of the bond man has with life, earth, and the growing season.

As a part of the cult of Mithra, early Persian societies integrated the rising of the sun each day with hidden spiritual mysteries. Honoring the sun was an integral part of the ritual and ceremony of the Mithraic tradition. One of the highest ranks one could achieve in a Mithraic temple was that of heliodromus, or sun carrier.

The sun has been an integral aspect of the spiritual life of mankind for thousands of years. However, during modern times, the importance of the sun for true spiritual growth and enlightenment has been suppressed and hidden from the masses.

History records that with all new solar epochs, mystic Holy Orders employed such techniques, invoking God to shine the divine aspect or positive Light of the Sun over the world. By their techniques they labored to sustain the higher Light streaming into the sun from a spiritual, non-material source or dimension. The techniques led them through a process of rebirth and a regeneration of spirit and soul by which they could reclaim their divine heritage, which was spiritual immortality. Such was the charge of the Messianic Church under Jesus and the ancient Essene Order in Palestine from which he emerged.

The modern-day mystics of the International Community of Christ and the Jamilian University of the Ordained have reclaimed these ancient techniques, amended them, and supplemented the practices for our age. The practices have been formulated into a system, which they call Cosolargy. Although the System of Cosolargy has its roots in the past, it is primarily geared to the future. Through the techniques of Cosolargy, a new religious science is made available to help the human species adapt to and survive new and increased levels of cosmic/solar radiation which are producing new life conditions on earth. In the broadest sense, Cosolargy represents the ideal ecological system, designed for the needs of present and future generations of men and women.

To date, Dr. Mitchell Gibson has only scratched the surface of this profound and transformative teaching. The time for change has come. In this symposium, The Right Reverend Gene Savoy Jr, and The Right Reverend Sean Savoy, both sons of the founder of the International Community of Christ, the late Most Right Reverend Gene Savoy, Sr. will present never before seen information on the science of Cosolargy. This occasion marks the first time that Teachers from the Jamilian University of the Ordained have joined forces with Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson to present this powerful and transformative information to the general public.

The Solar Lineage techniques are designed to present to the public for the first time the hidden initiatic practices that will allow you to safely take sunlight into the cells and nervous system of your body. As we approach the dawn of a new solar epoch, the time has come for some of these hidden practices to become public.

The Sacred Solar Teachings Symposium will cover the following topics:

  • The History of Solar Absorption Techniques
  • Modern Application of Solar Absorption
  • The Individual and Collective Benefits of Solar Absorption
  • Solar Absorption Techniques and the Advancement of Human Consciousness
  • Enlightenment and the Solar Connection
  • 2012: The Coming Changes in the Sun and Human Consciousness
  • A Basic Introduction to the Spiritual Nature of the Sun
  • The Solar Adept and the Development of the Solar Spiritual Community
  • The Immortal Solar-Light Body

Date / Time / Location / Registration

This special one day symposium will be held on June 26, 2010 in the Airport Sheraton in Los Angeles from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please join us for a continental breakfast starting at 8:30 AM.

This symposium represent the first time that hidden solar absorption techniques will be presented by a select group of Solar Adepts and Teachers. We hope that you will join us for this historic gathering.

There are only 100 Seats available for this incredible Workshop. Please do not hesitate as these seats will go fast.

To learn more about this event and its speakers and to register, visit http://www.tybro.com/html/the_sacred_solar_teachings.html


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tltandr said:

on May 27th, 2010

BIOPHOTON from the SUN is the very important particle of the SUNRAY which give body-health and spiritual-health for THE WHOLE LIVING INHABITANTS OF THE UNIVERSE AND REACT TO THEIR DNA.,

DR TAN tjiauw liat


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