Jesus Christ on Sun Gazing & Infinity

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In the book Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, author Glenda Green shares dialogue from her meeting with the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. During their conversation, Jesus Christ speaks on the energy of the sun and the sun’s ability to create an experience of infinity in the sun gazer. The energy of infinity within the sun creates within the human body the ability to manufacture vitamins, minerals, and biological energy.

Love Without End: Jesus Speaks
by Glenda Green

page 49-50

Jesus Christ: “Would you like to know something fun to do at sunrise and sunset?

“Find a place where you can watch the sun rise or set. Be careful not to look straight into the sun until it hist the cusp of the horizon or is filtered by the atmospheric densities at the Earth’s edge. But once it is orange and comfortable to watch, you will find in its center an infinity point which will resonate with the infinity point in your own soul, and this will give you much nourishment and positive awareness even to the point of biological nourishment. It will actually assist in the manufacture of vitamins and the utilization of minerals.”

He reminded me that primitive man revered the sun, even to the point of deifying it. His reponse was to the point.

“Primitive man recognized the life-giving powers of the sun, although he did not know how to properly regard it. It is a mistake to worship the sun or any other created thing. However, it is not a mistake to recognize the presence of infinity within creation. The sun is a powerful display of infinity.”


Source: Love Without End: Jesus Speaks…


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cybermikan said:

on June 13th, 2009

My dear people, do safe sungazing by HRM methode and you will have good health and live longer without

any disease! I am on 17 min. and 30 sec. of sungazing and don´t require any food any more, just drink a

little couple of tea on a day!

It´s truth man can live without any food!


Claude Reply:

I would like to know how did the sun gazing go. did you continue and how far did you get ? how are you now Healthwise and spiritually thank you


tulasi dass said:

on April 16th, 2015

The western religion is trying to hijack the eastern religion practices as their own.


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