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Today, Sunlightenment – the internet’s largest source of Sun Gazing, Surya Yoga, and Sunlight Energy Research information – has joined the Twitter community.  Twitter is one of the internet’s most popular social networking websites.  Twitter provides a way for people to communicate with each other in short messages, called “Tweets”.   By subscribing to Sunlightenment on Twitter, you will receive Tweets when new articles are added to the Sunlightenment website.  This is one more way that Sunligthenment is reaching out to the global community to spread the light about the amazing benefits of Sun light and the potential of every human being to evolve in a spiritual being while living on Earth.

A new addition to the Sunlightenment website is the “Tweet This” button added to each post.  “Tweet This” buttons let you send out a Tweet from your Twitter account to share an article or video.  This informs your friends of what you just reaad and helps to share the valuable information posted on Sunlightenment.

Join Sunlightenment on Twitter and spread the light.

Tweet articles and inform humanity about the power of our beloved Sun.

Shine on!

~ Sun Yogi


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This website is dedicated to the free discemination of information on the healing powers of the Sun and the spiritual practices of Sun Gazing and Surya (Sun) Yoga. All information is given in the spirit of the Sun, whom shares its Light and Love without restriction. May all of humanity benefit from the enlightening energy of the Sun and the wisdom of all beings who share in this service of Sun Yoga.

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