The Fat’s Syndrome & Photons As Solar Energy

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Dr. Johanna Budwig, a 6-time Nobel Prize nominated cancer research scientist, presented this lecture to the Life and Action Congress in 1972.  Dr. Budwig shares how the body stores photons and electrons from the sun to perform all vital functions.  Lots of information!

The Fat’s Syndrome & Photons As Solar Energy

A lecture held on 6 April 1972 at the 8th “Vie et Action” (Life and Action) Congress in Tours, 5-9 April 1972.

Excerpted from Flax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer & Other Diseases by Dr. Johanna Budwig


Sunbeams, photons, electrons. . .What are they?

Sun rays reach the earth as an inexhaustible source of energy. The sources of power in mineral oil, coal, green plant-foods and fruits are based on the energy supplied by the sun’s radiation. In 1960, a Japanese physicist published the following: “God was indeed the Creator when he said: Let there be light!” Your fellow countryman, the holder of the Nobel Prize and a highly deserving physicist, Louis de Broglie, writes: “If we let our imagination run free, we can easily picture that at the beginning of time, the morning after the divine ‘Fiat Lux’, light, unique in the world, with gradual but continual concentration, created the material universe we today acknowledge around us. And perhaps one day, when the time has come to pass, the universe will regain its original purity and once more dissolve back into light.”

Light is the fastest emissary from star to star. There is nothing faster than light. Light rushes along with time. It lives eternally. Physicists emphasize too, that the photon, the quantum, the tiniest part of a sunbeam, is eternal. Life is unimaginable without the photon. It is in continual movement. Stopping this is not possible. The photon is filled with colour. It can, when present in large numbers, change colour and frequency. The photon is recognized as the purest form of energy; the purest wave and, in continual movement, it can combine in resonance with a second photon to form a ‘short-life’ particle. This particle-known as an “O” particle–can once more break itself down into two photons, without mass, as pure wave in movement. This forms the basis for the wonderful interplay between light and matter. It is not possible to pinpoint the location of a photon. The theory of relativity rests on this foundation.

The photon, the smallest quantum of sunlight, gave rise to Max Planck’s and Einstein’s formation of the quantum theory which is of such significance today. This photon, so active, so dynamic, so powerful, can be captured by suitable electrons. What does this mean?

Electrons are already a constituent of matter, even though they are also in continual movements. They vibrate continually on their own wavelength. They have their own frequency, like radio receivers which are set at a certain wavelength. The electron orbits in matter around a nucleus. The heavy matter in the nucleus is charged with positive electricity. In contrast to this, the electron carries a negative charge. The two; the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged electron attract each other by means of their electrical opposition. But the electron, always in motion, never approaches the nucleus close enough to be drawn out of its own orbit. It maintains a certain freedom of movement within its prescribed orbit. Electrons love photons. They attract the photons by means of their magnetic fields. When an electrical charge moves, this always produces a magnetic field. The moving photons also possess magnetic fields. Both fields; the magnetic field of the electron and that of the photon, attract each other, when the wavelengths are in tune. The wavelength of the photon-which it can change-must so fit into the circular wave of the electron that the orbit is always completely filled by the wave. This feature is, when we consider its physical expression, its biological and even its philosophical consequences, extremely interesting. This basic physical law, according to Niels Bohr, means that no matter can change its condition without absorption or radiation of electro-magnetic waves-and the photon is an electro-magnetic wave-without the wavelength corresponding to that of absorption or radiation frequency-to its own radiation frequency.

Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own wavelength.

Sunbeams are very much in accord with humans. It is no coincidence that we love the sun. The resonance in our biological substance is so strongly set to absorb the sun’s energy that those physicists, the quantum biologists, who concern themselves with this scientifically complex field, say that: There is nothing else on earth with a higher concentration of photons of the sun’s energy than man. This concentration of the sun’s energy-very much an iso-energetic point for humans, with their eminently suitable wavelengths-is improved when we eat food which has electrons which in turn attract the electromagnetic waves of sunbeams, of photons. A high amount of these electrons which are on the wavelength of the sun’s energy, are to be found, for example, in seed oils. Scientifically, these oils are even known as electron-rich essential highly unsaturated fats. But, when people began to treat fats to make them keep longer; no-one stopped to consider the consequences of this for the existence and higher development of the human race. These vitally important amounts of electrons, with their continual movement and wonderful reaction to light were destroyed.

It is interesting that the science of physics has been marred by the term: “Anti-Mensch” (anti-human). We will return to that later. It is the human being, with his gradual concentration of electrons, ever striving towards the future, who conceals within himself the greatest potential for the sun’s energy on earth. The mirror image of this, a human lacking electrons, lacking photons, indicative of the past, perfectly illustrates, physically, the Anti-Mensch. There will be more details of that too. At the moment we are considering the wonderful relationship between man and the sun’s energy.

The sun’s energy and man as an antenna: almost everyone knows what an antenna is. The marvelous findings of Maxwell the physicist, concerning electro-magnetic waves in technology today are well-researched and of practical use. Famous examples are telegraphy, radio, television and various other applications of high-frequency technology in the manufacturing of electromagnets, the atom bomb and research into nuclear power as a source of energy,

These technical developments and their relation sciences are based on scientific findings which go back to the nineteenth century. An important milestone came in 1888 when Hertz published his: Über Strahlen elektrischer Kraft (Concerning Rays and Electrical Power). Using mathematical equations, Maxwell was able to prove that connected electrical and magnetic fields, when in movement, radiate electro-magnetic rays. These elementary laws also govern processes in nature.

An electrical charge in movement produces a magnetic field. Electrically conductive matter which is moved within a magnet’s field will produce current. When connected electrical and magnetic fields are separated, the ensuing phenomenon gives rise to radiation of electro-magnetic waves. These fundamental, elementary laws can also be applied to biological processes.

When the sun shines on the leafy canopy of a tree and is absorbed through photosynthesis, this causes movement in the electrical charge of the electrons. A magnetic field is also brought about when the water in trees rises. When we, with our wealth of electrons and conductive living substance, move through the electro-magnetic field of a forest, then a charging with solar electrons takes place in us. When our blood circulates, there is a movement of the electrical charge in the magnetic fields (for example, on the surface lipids of red blood corpuscles), which then causes much induction and re-induction of energy.

With each heartbeat, a dose of the body’s own electron-rich, highly unsaturated fats from the lymph system, together with lymph fluid, goes into the blood vessels and thereby into the heart. This constantly stimulates and strengthens anew the electro-motoric functioning of the heart, Even the movement of the bloodstream is connected with radiation of electromagnetic waves-in accordance with the fundamental law of nature which governs electro-magnetic waves. This transmitter within humans is always in action.

The tubular arrangement of our nerves with their various layers and nodes, their different potential, neurons and dendrites, all immediately convey a picture of how strong an electric current in a magnetic field has to be to lead to the radiation of electromagnetic waves here, too. When I begin thinking something positive about a person, this is also related to a radiation of electro-magnetic waves. Reception of this is also dependent upon the wavelength the receiver is on-and there are also amplifiers as well as transmitters of interference. All this brings in a large amount of data, which is commonly known under different names, such as telepathy, hypnosis, thought transference and many others.

Among the northern races, it is recognized that isolated native inhabitants use trees to help them to send their thoughts over distances, to inform a husband for example, who has gone to town, that he has to bring some salt. Bismarck wrote about how, during times of affliction, he would wrap his arms around a tree, lean his forehead on it and find relief and relaxation. In both cases, it is a matter of electro-magnetic waves in accordance with the mathematical equation of Maxwell.

But our theme is not really in this mental sphere, but has to do with measurable waves. Let us concentrate on the actual fats syndrome in its effects on the brain and nerve functions, the organs of the senses, the secretion of mucous, the functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder and kidneys, the lymph and blood vessels, the skin, respiration, the immunity system, the fertilization processes and sexuality, semi-narcosis or vital power and also in connection with growth processes experiments have proved conclusively that all of these systems and processes of the human being are very much connected with electron-rich highly unsaturated fats as receivers, amplifiers and transmitters of electro-magnetic waves, and as overseer of the vital functions. It is here that the sun’s energy is an active influence, radiated by the powerful photons as purest movement or controlling the electron structure of the living body, either bound to matter, or as power and energy from electro-magnetic fields and waves.

The dynamics of the vital functions and their basis in energy from the sun is, today, a fact which has to be reckoned with. The dynamic effect of sunlight on the body’s vital functions has already been observed by an alert professor of optical medicine, Prof. Holwich. Blindness is often followed by a deterioration in many functions of the internal organs and in the secretions of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. The heart’s action is also affected, as is the peristaltic motion of the intestines. When sight is regained, an unmistakable activation of these organic functions is observable. You could say that this was due to physiological factors, for instance, to better and more movement out of doors, or to psychological motives. But it is worth mentioning, in connection with this, admittedly secondary observation, the following fact: A young doctor, a hunter, observed that in some years, prize-winning deer antlers were much larger than usual, but in others, even the very best of the prize-winning antlers were far below average in size. The physical development of young animals and clucks in the wild matched in degrees the size of the deer antlers, or lack of it. Investigation showed that the years in which the deer grew large antlers and in which there was good physical development of young animals in the wild, were clearly years with high rates of sunshine hours.

That the sun, as the element of life, also affects the dynamics of the vital functions is apparently self-evident. Everyone seems to agree. But then why are there so many people who say: I can`t tolerate the sun? The answer is on its way. Firstly, a few words on the topic of: The dynamics of the vital functions and their base in the sun’s energy: When I have treated patients and they then lie in the sun, these sick people notice that they begin to feel very much better; rejuvenated. In contrast to this you often hear about people on sunny beaches having heart failure. It is not unusual for heart infarction to occur. Both conditions are observable. For some people nowadays, the sun’s energy is an overly strenuous matter, while for others the dynamics of the sun’s energy have an invigorating effect on all the vital functions. The stimulating effect of the sun on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bladder and salivary glands is easily felt. These organs only dry out under the sun’s rays when the substances which stimulate secretion in the body are lacking. With all these observations it is of decided importance, whether the surface-active electron-rich highly unsaturated fats are present as a resonance system for the sun’s energy, or whether they are not. Doctors tell cancer patients that they should avoid the sun; that they can’t tolerate it. That is correct. The moment, however, that these patients-cancer patients as well-have been following my oil-protein nutritional advice for two or three days, which means that they have been getting sufficient amounts of the essential fats, they can then tolerate the sun very well. Indeed they emphasize how fine they suddenly feel in the sun-how much their vitality and vigour is stirred and stimulated. And that brings us to the decisive point of this lecture.

The electrons in our food serve as the resonance system for the sun’s energy. The electrons in our food are truly the element of life. Their electro-magnetic field attracts the photons in sunlight. These photons with their own vitality and continual movement, without which the physicist cannot imagine life existing, these photons, which are in resonance with the electrons in seed oils, are focused on the same wavelength as the sun’s energy, serve the life element. This interplay of solar energy photons and the electrons in seed oils, which are focused to the very last quantum on solar energy photons, governs all the vital functions. Fats are the dominant factor for all the vital functions, according to Ivar Bang, a venerable physiologist from the year 1911.

Today we can add to that: Yes, fats which are in accord with solar energy photons, electron-rich fats in resonance with the solar energy wavelength, do indeed govern the entire vital function systems. In my work it is fascinating to see that my utilization of the relativity theory’s related quantum physics illustrates how each and every individual vital function’s dynamics are dominated by this exchange of electrons.

The electrons of highly unsaturated fats from seed oils, which lie on the same wavelength as sunlight, are capable of drawing solar energy and storing it, then, upon demand, of activating it as the purest energy of the dematerialized clouds of electrons, and making it available for the vital functions. All the vital functions are closely connected with membrane functions. The exchange of electrons, the distribution of energy in the whole organism is dependent on these membrane functions-in the nerve pathways, the brain, in every organ, the liver, gall bladder and pancreas in the stomach’s mucous membrane and in the kidneys and intestinal tract: The controlling functions of these membranes with their electro-motoric power, is felt everywhere. This is also true for the respiratory functions, and in oxygen absorption and utilization. It also applies to cell division-to all normal growth processes. It is true for the catabolism of substance in the elimination processes taking place by way of the kidneys, intestinal tract and also for the growth of hair and nails, as well as for the development of young life in the womb. This brings us to a rather beautiful, and extremely important aspect of development.

According to the computable findings of those modern physicists, the quantum biologists, there is no entity in nature, in life, which has a higher concentration of solar electrons than man. It then follows that man has a true rapport with sunlight.

Physicists today are recognizing more and more that: “Let there be light” at the outset of Creation is becoming, physically, ever clearer to our minds, as the truth.

According to Einstein, the earth’s gravity can be partially neutralized by means of electrons which conform to the sun’s energy. The sun, and the sun-attuned electrons in the food we eat, bring us to a higher level of energy, and to a higher level of development as a human being.

“Anti-Mensch” and radiation damage are aspects which, through my research’s utilization of modern quantum physics, have been shown to be actively promoted by means of radiation treatment for cancer patients. Physicists interpret from mathematical formulae that man, with his wealth of electrons, is directed forward in time. As we have heard, the photon speeds along in time; it has, so to speak, eternal life. Correctly considered in the abstract, proper mathematical formulae for important physical correlations can be so altered-still maintaining their mathematical correctness–that time is seen not to be directed forwards at all, but backwards. All one has to do is to give a negative sign to the time quotient in this mathematical formula and that is, of course, possible with standard mathematical rules. There is then for many physical ‘particles’ a corresponding ‘anti-particle’. This was sought and found in the world of elementary particles, in the elementary particle’s ‘zoo’. as it is known to physicists. By means of these mathematical formulae, applied to Physics, and by reversing time, the mirror image of human beings is delineated-the “Anti-Mensch”, while physically speaking, man represents the highest level of order, that is directed against entropy, the Anti-Mensch, according to physical formulae, lacks electrons. As I see it, the “Anti-Mensch” is, physically and mathematically directed into the past. The “Anti-Mensch” possesses few solar energy photons-the lowest level of order, physically speaking.

The process by which x-rays, gamma rays, atom bombs or cobalt rays are set in motion is also equally directed toward the development of the “Anti-Mensch”.The electronic structure of the vital functions is destroyed by such rays. According to Feynman’s “World Line Diagram” and modern physics’ theory of relativity, time and space have been given a relationship in a formula. The “Anti-Mensch” is directed into the past. Mankind’s internal structure with its interplay between solar energy photons and large number of electrons, with its concentration of photons in life’s activities and in the dynamics of the vital functions, is directed into the future. This future-directed striving can develop powerful vigour. The “Anti-Mensch”, lacking electrons and directed into the past—his thought processes, too–is paralysed in his vital functions, lacks power and strength because the element of life, the sun-attuned electrons, are missing.

It is then fascinating to investigate our food, with regard to this feature. Fats and oils treated to make them keep longer have had their electronic structure destroyed–otherwise oxygen would be absorbed-and this has a very detrimental effect on human beings who with their wealth of electrons, live towards the future. This negative aspect concerning the development of the “Anti-Mensch” is in accordance with Feynman’s “World Line Diagram”. I emphasize that it means the fats and oils which have had their electron structure destroyed serve, within time and space, to promote the development of the “Anti-Mensch”.

Such fats, which interfere with the electron-exchange taking place in the living body because they act like insulating tar on the conductivity of electrons, also deaden the vital functions at the very commencement of their effectiveness-for example, in the organs and active growth centres as well as for the body in general. Tars were among the first substances to be recognized as carcinogens. What is cancer? Every single event in the “world of those elementary particles”, which promotes the development of the “Anti-Mensch” also promotes cancer. A high amount of heavy particles from the world of elementary particles in our food, the food we eat which is lacking a wealth of electrons, promotes development of the “Anti-Mensch”. It increases the occurrence of cancer. Solidified fats and oils for example, belong to this group. They lack electrons, acting as insulating tar regarding the transport and concentration of electrons in the living body.

Electron-rich food, electron-rich highly unsaturated oils, natural flavourings from herbs and spices, from fruits which are rich in aroma and natural dyes from the colour of the sunlight’s photons-these all help the absorption, storage and utilization of the sun’s energy.

How can you once more reach the peak of your development?

Freeing yourself from the influences and effects of radiation and from environmental factors which promote development into the “Anti-Mensch”, seem important. These goals, set by the individual who chooses, or by the state and food industries with their organisation and planning, should be to see that the food we eat consists of electron-rich nutrition. An electron-rich food intake which supplies us with the resonance system for the sun’s energy, must once more achieve priority. Such food, as the life element, promotes our sun-attuned energy. This in turn promotes our development, in space and time, into the future. The entire self can then grow and continue to develop further until, in accordance with the laws of nature which govern light and life, the highest level of our being is achieved.

Your fellow countryman, Prince Louis de Broglie, published Die Wellennatur der Materie (The Undulatory Nature of Matter). His work brought him the Nobel Prize. The wave aspect of living matter is all the clearer, the more one considers the nature of solar energy photons. Sunbeams, in accordance with the natural laws of light and life, affect and govern the wave and radiant energy capabilities of our living human selves, today, into the future and forever.




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