The Healing Power of the Sunlight: Instructions for the Sun Cure

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Jakob Lorber (July 22, 1800–August 24, 1864) was a Christian mystic and visionary who referred to himself as “God’s scribe”. He wrote that on 15 March 1840 he began hearing an ‘inner voice’ from the region of his heart and thereafter transcribed what it said.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight is one of Jakob’s books, which discusses the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sunlight and ways to effectively use the sunlight for healing and spiritual awakening.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight

A Revelation from the Spirit of God Received through the Inner Word And written down by The prophet Jakob Lorber

Instructions for the Sun Cure

While undergoing the sun treatment, it is imperative that no other remedies, no injections, no radiations such as ultra-violet lamps be utilized, and this quarantine is effective from the beginning of the preliminary diet until approximately 4 months following the final sun treatment. Therefore, the patient must choose between the sun cure remedy and any other healing method. Patients who do not strictly adhere to the sun cure diet regardless of the reason, or patients who do not obtain the proper inner spiritual attitude required for the treatment cannot be completely healed through the sun cure, simply because half measures do not produce results. Smoking of any kind is totally prohibited during the cure.

Sun cure remedies that are properly developed retain their effectiveness for several years provided they are stored in closed containers that are efficiently sealed. Only the blood remedy becomes less effective after 12 to 18 months.

To avoid loss of energy, the sun cure remedy containers should be opened just prior to usage and considerable temperature variations between storage and administering should be avoided. If it is necessary to examine the remedies, open the containers in the sunlight (in winter behind glass) to avoid losing potency. However, it is better to refrain from opening the containers until they are needed and used.

Carried within the sunlight are pure positive polarity spirits of life from the cosmic ether. These spirits are closely related to the etheric substantial parts of the human soul, because they contain all the soul substance particles which form the body of the human soul. If a sun cure is administered correctly i.e. (a) with the right attitude, (b) with the right diet and way of life, (c) with the right application of the sun remedies, it is easy for the soul to absorb from the sun what it lacks for its strength. Then the strengthened soul restores the nerve essence to its proper order and, subsequently, restores the proper natural life relationship of the nerves and the blood. Simultaneously, the sun remedies are helpful in the cleansing of the body, i.e. loosening, relaxing and freeing the cells from the pressure of the poisonous gases and acids.

If a body is so far deteriorated that it is no longer receptive to the re-animation of its cells, the effect of the sun cure remedies is limited. In such cases, however, life can usually be prolonged for a while through the invigoration of the soul with sun remedies.

In some instances the sun cure remedies may be administered to patients at any stage of their illness without any preparation. This applies to persons who are spiritually well-adjusted and whose bodies have not been subjected to unnatural foods, tobacco products, and the poisons of medicines, etc. for many preceding years. Examples of such an instance would be children and spiritually striving adults who consume pure and natural foods. In such cases a few days of preliminary diet and drinking several glasses of sun-cured water daily is sufficient and the sun remedies may be taken.

The camphor milk powder remedy may be used immediately in cases of sudden illness i.e. colds, inflammation, poisonings, etc., which it is important to obtain an immediate effect such as perspiring, to correct tensions that may have arisen or to prevent the settling of poisons. However, with this cure the prescribed diet must be observed for a minimum of three weeks after the stage of considerable improvement and also beyond all other requirements.

Because the extremely delicate sunlight substances cannot be easily absorbed by an oppressed soul or by a body badly contaminated with poisons from disease and medicines, it is very important to adhere to a normal preliminary diet for at least 10 days prior to treatment, if at all possible. Therefore, in addition to a spiritual preparation, a physical cleansing is necessary which is achieved as follows:

  1. Dieting for 10-14 days as prescribed for the sun cure.
  2. Drinking several large glasses of sun-cured water daily.
  3. Walks in the fresh air and sun (head not exposed to sun for a continuous length of time.)
  4. Air and short sun baths (head always covered).
  5. Deep breathing without excessive straining.
  6. Regularity in all things, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, bathing, etc.

The following must be avoided: Bad smells and odours, worldly or physical enjoyment, such as smoking, dancing, foul atmospheres etc. and all sports requiring physical effort.

If these measures do not result in a light movement of the bowels several times during the day, then, this must be achieved by eating soaked dried apricots or peaches at night and in the morning, and on an empty stomach. In lieu of apricots and peaches, manna (cassia fistula) may be consumed.

The entire cure, which consists of the preliminary diet, the main cure including the remedies and the necessary intervals, the after cure diet following the last sun cure remedy, requires approximately four months. Strict adherence to the diet is mandatory as are the other requirements such as frequent walks in the fresh air and sunlight. Sun-cured water may not be consumed during the remedial period, however, three days after the last remedy it is advisable to drink sun-cured water concurrent with the after cure diet.

Sexual intercourse inhibits the effect of the sun-cure remedies and should not take place during the entire cure.

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