The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Tooth Decay

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The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday presents evidence showing an increase in disease with a decrease in sunlight exposure.  This article looks at: Sunlight and Tooth Decay

How Sunlight Can Prevent Serious Health Problems

by Richard Hobday, taken from his book, The Healing Sun


Sunlight and Tooth Decay

Having looked at the influence of sunlight on cancer, heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, let us return to the bones or, rather, the teeth. We have to go back a long way to find published evidence of a relationship between sunlight and dental caries, but there is some. In 1939 an American study of 94,000 white males aged between twelve and fourteen years showed a clear correlation between sunlight and tooth decay. Those who lived in the northeast of the USA, where mean annual sunlight was less than 2,200 hours per year, had two thirds more cavities than their compatriots who lived in the southwest of the country and received more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

The results of another investigation, published in the Journal of Nutrition in 1938, showed that the incidence of dental caries amongst American children varied according to the time of year. The highest incidence was found in the late winter and early spring, and very low values were recorded during the summer months. If this is correct, then there is much to be said for making routine dental appointments at the beginning of autumn when your vitamin D levels are highest and your teeth are strongest.




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