The Hidden Reality of Solar Light (part 3)

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This article by Dr. Mitchell Gibson tells how the hidden nature of sunlight holds an important key to higher human evolution. Part 3 of this article looks at the spiritual and multi-dimensional nature of the Sun itself.

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

The Spiritual Sun

In addition to the plethora of information regarding the hidden radiations of the Sun, the Ancients wrote extensively about the Spiritual Nature of the Sun itself. They wrote that the Sun which we see each day is only a small part of a much larger entity. This entity is part of a larger universe that feeds and nourishes our smaller physical domain. Let us examine this information.

The Ancients taught that the Sun is part of a constellation of Solar Entities connected to the Primordial Sun. The Primordial Sun is the archetypal blueprint for all the Suns of the physical universe. The expansion of the physical universe is caused by the Y factor and occurs in parallel with the contraction caused by the Z factor. All Suns emanate from a central Primordial Sun. The Primordial Sun is extra-dimensional in nature. This Primordial Sun forms around the Source. The Source is the collection point for all of God’s energy that empowers and creates this universe. The energy that collects in this point is massive and forms itself automatically into a huge Primordial Sun. All souls enter into this universe first through the Primordial Sun. The seeds for all our Light Bodies are said to exist within the Primordial Sun. It is in essence the physical representation of the Source. The appearance of the Primordial Sun as a Source of Light is an illusion.

The Primordial Sun emits Primordial Matter. The action of A-factor on the Primordial Sun impels the release of Primordial Matter. This is the first state of matter in our universe. It is this matter that is the genesis of all the elements in our universe. In the Higher Dimensions, the worlds are made mostly of primary matter.

Orbiting the Primordial Sun are the Primordial Worlds. These are also called the First Worlds and they are home to The Elders. The Elders are the oldest created beings in existence. All living beings are descended from the Elders, even humans.

As the A factor impels the creation of the lower dimensions, Primordial Matter is pushed into lower and lower states of being. In dimensions nine through five, Primordial Matter is not subject to the forces that create mortal forms. The Primary Forces working on Primordial Matter at these levels are A-factor, B-factor, and X-factor.

As Primordial Matter approaches the fourth dimension, it falls under the influence of Y-factor. The action of this factor creates the lower elements and ultimately physical matter. The fourth dimension has little physical matter in comparison to the third dimension. The third dimension is more than 95% physical matter as a result of the combined actions of the Y and Z factors. There are small amounts of Primordial Matter in existence in all created worlds below the fourth dimension.

This Primordial Matter is responsible for the healing factors, intelligence, spiritual growth, and enlightenment that is possible on these worlds. From the Primordial Sun, the energy of Source enters into Worlds of Creation. These Worlds gradually expand due to the action of the A-factor. The Primordial Sun creates Galactic Suns which provide power for each galaxy in existence. At the core of our Galaxy is a huge Galactic Sun around which our Sun rotates.

The Galactic Sun is an illusion just as the Primordial Sun is an illusion. Remember, the Primordial Sun is a convergence point for all of the energy of the Creator in this universe. The Galactic Sun is a convergence point for all of the energy of the Creator in this galaxy. The Galactic Sun is fifth dimensional in nature, as are all stars in our universe.

The Galactic Sun is millions of light years across and is the Source for our Sun and all of the stars in our galaxy. It is made of more than 90% Primordial Matter and is the Home of the most advanced beings in our galaxy. Galactic Suns connect directly to the Primordial Sun in the ninth dimension.

Our Sun is a Cosmic Sun. It too is an optical illusion. The Sun is the convergence of all the Divine Creative Force within our Solar System. It is fifth dimensional by nature as are all stars. The bright light and energy that we see when we look at the Sun is a result of a great number of forces that are vectored within a single point in space. This point is called a focal release point. Through this point, all the energy of the Creator reaches our Solar System. The physical matter that streams through the point is only a small fraction of the total energy available from the Galactic Sun. All Cosmic Sun Systems (Stars) carry the Universal Forces into the local planetary systems that we call home. Through the Sun, we are connected to the Source, the Primordial Sun, the Galactic Sun, and the Primordial Worlds.

The Sun is an intermediary, a catalyst between the macrocosmic and microcosmic universes. The cell is composed of atoms which, in turn, are composed of light wave/particles. The light wave particles oscillate in the same way that the Sun does. Remember, the Sun oscillates on a regular basis. Ordinarily, one may not be able to see the microcosmic pulsation, but the pulsation is clearly visible to the eye on the macrocosmic level when you begin using the Solar practices. This pulsation is exactly the same as that of your heartbeat. The force for the beat of your heart comes through from the Primordial Worlds, into the Sun, and finally to Earth. The energy of your universe is in constant motion and reveals a distinct pattern of motion, light and dark. There is also a third vibration, a link between space and time. This link is called Consciousness. Though it cannot be seen, Consciousness is the vehicle through which we can see and know the universe.

The Sun is home to the Fifth Dimension in our Solar System. The physical light and matter that we see emanating from the Sun is in effect the reflection of Fifth Dimensional matter onto the third dimension. Through the Sun, we are connected directly to the Fifth Dimension and thus to the Higher Beings that live there. These beings guide and influence all life on our plane of reality. It is through their guidance that we develop Enlightenment and the ability to develop civilization, art, music, science and culture.

Through our connection with Fifth Dimensional Beings, we can access a direct source of power, knowledge, and evolutionary potential. All beings are able to access this knowledge given the correct techniques and training. By learning how to connect directly with the energy of the Sun, the Initiate can learn to communicate directly with the Gods themselves.




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cybermikan said:

on June 13th, 2009

Extra text!!!


cybermikan said:

on June 13th, 2009

My dear people, do safe sungazing by HRM methode and you will have good health and live longer without any disease! I am on 17 min. and 20 sec. of sungazing and don´t require any food any more, just drink a little couple of tea on a day!

It´s truth man can live without any food!


Iriana said:

on July 29th, 2009

This is a very interesting & ‘enlightening’ article which I will add to my “Sungazing” file. I remember reading about Dr. Gibson’s book re his experiences. I also saw a video interview with him on a site called Conscious Media Network. It’s available to view, free of a money charge.

Used to do deliberate SG’ing on occasion – without knowing the why or anything much about the rationale behind it. But after researching the subject further I’ve begun a regular practice – so far so good. Too early on to say anything about long lasting, definitive ‘results’ — but as far as how it feels from the inside?: GREAT! Mind quiets much more readily and haven’t had as much of a desire for food.

I do not intend to give up eating (Not why I’m doing it – plus: creme broulee & sushi- never again?? I mean, never, never?? I don’t think so!, lol!). But I’m hungry less often. And I can see the possibility of how extreme changes in eating habits, in some form or fashion, could happen.

Someone made a documentary called “Eat the Sun” and it should be interesting to see what it reveals about the people studied. And what conclusions, if any, were made. From the trailer it looks like ‘both’ sides’ of the discussion are included.

It may be wise for any of us that are so new to this to at least read up on the safety guidelines. And to consider at least a few different sources for information – since I’m not certain very detailed systems of practice, initiations & trainings are ever a requirement. But I like very much that it can be a choice: to embrace a specific SG system and/or enter into classes & community.

Appreciate very much that you posted this article and have this website. Have saved it to favorites.


quasi said:

on October 22nd, 2013

My hats off to Mr gotta love the brother
….makes me proud…..I dream and astral travel with
my crystals… recently dreamed of weird energy trails
in sky and sun passing right by us people were burned
…..But not those with DNA changes taking place or
much melanin….very interesting. Ashe


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