The Mysteries of the Sun – Kuthumi

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In his audio book The SOLution, Wayne Purdin presents the history of sun gazing and sun worship, starting in Ancient Egypt and continuing through the 21st century. This article features the Ascended Master Kuthumi, who lived as the Egyptian Pharaoh Pharaoh Thutmose III.

The Mysteries of the Sun – Kuthumi

Between pre-dynastic Egypt and the eighteenth dynasty, the “pure and simple” solar religion of Egypt became very corrupt and complicated. Instead of one sun god, there were several sun gods and a whole host of minor gods. The priesthood was rich and powerful and the people depended on them for magic amulets, interceding for them to the gods and giving them a proper elaborate send off into the afterlife. Fruits and flowers were no longer fitting sacrifices; animals took their place.

Enter the Pharaoh Thutmose III, an embodiment of the ascended master Kuthumi. Under his rule, Thutmose III permitted his subject to indulge in all their fanciful beliefs and superstition such as magical amulets that the priesthood of Amen promoted. He believed that a step-by-step change in the existing belief system could be more easily and permanently accomplished by establishing a secret mystery school, the students of which would put into practice higher standards. He wanted to gradually infuse into the culture and religion of Egypt from the top down those truths and rituals that would raise the people to a higher understanding and morality.

Thus, in 1489 B.C. he founded a secret mystery school, the Order of the Rose Cross, which the Rosicrucians claim descent from. Laurence Gardiner, the foremost authority on secret societies, supports this claim by dating the use of the rosy-cross symbol to the time of Thutmose III. Members of this mystery school were called the Therapeutea – meaning “physicians of the soul.” The sun gazing Essene sect of Alexandria later adopted this name and the rosy-cross symbol. William Henry, in The Healing Sun Code, linked the rosy-cross and the Rosicrucian secrets with the “rising of the Healing Sun, the source of life and wisdom.”

Kuthumi re-embodied as Pythagoras, who established another mystery school of the Great White Brotherhood at Crotona, Italy, According to Dr. Raymond Bernard, the daily program of the school at Crotona began with a ritual of observing the rising of the sun. They would all wear white robes and sing a hymn to Apollo, the sun god. Singing sacred songs and using music for healing were important parts of the teachings at Crotona, as they were in every mystery school. He also embodied as Saint Francis. He had a great love for and attunement with God’s creatures and creations, particularly the sun. He wrote “Praise to you, O Lord our God, for all your creatures, especially our dear Brother Sun, Who is the day through whom you give us light. Fair is he, in splendor radiant. Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.”

As an ascended master, Kuthumi is chohan of the second ray of illumination and a World Teacher. On June 23rd, 2006 he spoke through the messenger David C. Lewis about the wisdom that comes from the sun:

“When the light is fully employed from within you as God-beings and when you understand that you are light, then all that you do, all that you convey does radiate forth, consuming shadows; and you become a sun of eternal purpose.

“This is the goal and what each ascended master has become through identification with their own Godhood. You have experienced increments of this awareness, growing day by day as you have mastered the energies within. And through this gift that I convey this day, as you desire to maintain this state of awareness, the sun reality and presence of your higher nature may manifest more fully…When you become a sun then you serve all, you see. And when you understand all truths, the knowingness that comes through the eternality of the Spirit, being centered in and of God, then the rays that you convey do teach, do raise all, just as the rays of the solar sphere of Helios and Vesta do actually teach and convey their wisdom 24/7, 365 and a 1/4 days in your solar year, always…”

Source: , The SOLution audio eBook


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