The Mysteries of the Sun – Zarathustra

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In his audio book The SOLution, Wayne Purdin presents the history of sun gazing and sun worship, starting in Ancient Egypt and continuing through the 21st century. This article features the spiritual teacher Zarathustra or Zoroaster, founder of the religion Zoroastrianism

The Mysteries of the Sun – Zarathustra

In the opening scene of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the sun rises to the soul-stirring chords of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” This was fitting, since Zarathustra taught his followers to face the sun during their daily rituals, and worship the great spirit Ahura Mazda who lived in the sun.
Not much is known about the original teachings of Zarathustra or Zoroaster because they were passed down mostly by word of mouth, and what little that was recorded was mostly destroyed by priests of opposing religions and invading Arabs and Greeks.

The Columbian founder of modern Gnosticism, Sama-el Ah-un We-or, referred to Zarathustra as “the great master of compassion who embodied to teach the peoples of Asia, especially those in Babylonia, the ultimate cause of suffering, that is, the ego. His teachings influenced many peoples of the East, and his apostles reached the Far East, possibly to Vietnam and Japan.” James Moore, called Zarathustra “an unjustly forgotten historical figure… He it was, insists Gurdjieff, who saw most deeply, felt most keenly, faced most squarely the decay of love into egoism, hope into procrastination, faith into credulity. He it was who divined the redemptory potentiality of conscience, that precious emanation of the sorrow of God – still unsullied, still unatrophied, because it was embedded deep in man’s subconscious. He it was who translated his insights into a spiritual action which, for one blessed decade, eradicated nationalism and castes and war itself, throughout the length and breadth of Asia.”

What was this “spiritual action” that achieved such world-transforming effects? It must have been a powerful technique. Rudolf Steiner wrote concerning Zarathustra: “He had knowledge of everything that took place on the Earth because he was able to experience the Spiritual Being of the Sun, that is, the One later called the Christ.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov wrote in “Toward a Solar Civilization,” that “the light that flows from the sun… is the Spirit of Christ… and if you link with him and love him, your whole being will throb and vibrate in harmony with the Cosmic Light that shines, in condensed form, through the sun.” He also wrote “That part of ourselves, that entity which lives in the sun is our Higher Self…, a part of God.”

In The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Levi Dowling wrote, “But men must see their Gods with human eyes, and Zarathustra said, ‘The greatest of the Spirits standing near the throne is Ahura Mazda, who manifests in the brightness of the sun.’ And all the people saw Ahura Mazda in the sun, and they fell down and worshipped him in temples of the sun.” Thus, the technique that Zarathustra used to quickly awaken the conscience of millions of Asians and bring about an era of freedom, peace and prosperity, was sun gazing. But it was sun gazing with intent. In the daily Kusti ritual, Zoroastrians face the sun, repent their sins and ask for compassion using specific prayers coordinated with hand movements.

Zarathustra continues to teach the importance of the fire of the sun in meditation. In a recent dictation on April 9, 2006, he said:

“I have been a fiery spirit for a long, long time. And therefore, I convey to you the intensity of what you can become when you meditate upon the Central Sun within you. Omraam and Jesus understood these principles. And therefore, they have become a sun. And long before they walked the earth in their recent embodiments, I, Zarathustra, also became a flaming fire, delivering to the earth great quotients of not only the violet flame but other light rays that you know not of; for my meditation upon the flame was a permanent one whereby I did see blazing within the fire itself the image of the Lord God… Look into the fire. See the dancing flames. See the fiery spirit manifest in this etheric matrix that even you can see tangibly in your dimension. Do you not see, beloved ones, that fire itself is actually from a higher state and vibration than what you see as physicality in the earth? Therefore, fire is a conduit for entering into the etheric plane. And as you have heard, the ascended masters are fire breathers; for we do not live on the breath and the air that you subside on, but we live on fire, for we are on fire. We are starry ones, having merged with the Sun Presence of our God. Therefore, I would impress upon you the need for more fire. And when you gaze upon the sun in your solar meditation, see this fire streaming forth from Helios and Vesta becoming who you are as you become the fire of Helios and Vesta yourself… For, beloved ones, to have a solar civilization, many more among mankind must rise to be able to withstand the heat that is coming to earth.”


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