TIME Magazine: Heliotherapy Medicine

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In 1923 TIME Magazine published a short article on the “new” old therapy of healing with natural sunlight. Heliotherapy has been widely practices for over 2,000 years. However in 1923, TIME Magazine thought of the sun cure as a new addition to modern medicine.

TIME Magazine
Medicine: Heliotherapy

Monday, Aug. 06, 1923

The sun cure for tuberculous and undernourished children is becoming a recognized part of modern treatment for these conditions. It has been brought to its highest perfection by Dr. August Rollier and his colleague, Dr. Rosselet, in their clinic at Leysin, on one of the Alps near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Here in the last 20 years more than 2,000 cases of surgical (bone and joint) tuberculosis have been treated, and more than 80% discharged as cured. The children are gradually exposed to the sun’s rays until the whole body can be bared. In Winter the whole day is spent in the sunshine and dry, cold air. In Summer, only the morning hours. The cure should not be used unless the patient’s temperature is normal. The rays have a direct physiological effect. Besides the sun, however, occupational therapy, exercise and a diet of oils and fats, are the rule. The French have adopted these methods enthusiastically in their Écoles de Plein Air.

Source: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,716302,00.html


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