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Sungazing & Beyond video

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Watch Daniel Vitalis share his understanding of how Sun Gazing affects the pineal gland. Learn how throughout history human beings have always gathered around and looked at sources of electromagnetism (light). The earliest man looked at the stars and Sun together. This then changed to people gathering around fires, then home fireplaces, then the radio, then the television and now the computer. Daniel shares that it is natural for humanity to be attracted to looking at light sources.

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What is Sunlightenment?

This website is dedicated to the free discemination of information on the healing powers of the Sun and the spiritual practices of Sun Gazing and Surya (Sun) Yoga. All information is given in the spirit of the Sun, whom shares its Light and Love without restriction. May all of humanity benefit from the enlightening energy of the Sun and the wisdom of all beings who share in this service of Sun Yoga.

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