On this page you can read about the personal experience that others have had with Sun Gazing, Sun bathing, Solar Meditations, and other Sunlight Energy practices. You can also add your own personal experience to this growing collection by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Let us together remove the fear that humanity has of the blessed Sun and help humanity lift the darkness upon the Earth.

Personal Testimonials

I greatly enjoy the sun, and would like to learn more about it's healing effects.
Kelly, Ohio

Namaste friends. Thank you for sharing all your experience. I started Sungazing nov. 2004 when I first met HRM. And started Sungazing following HRM method. Did not expect anything. When I reach around 35 min start seeing the changes. I did 2 miles of walking everyday. My food intake was slowly going down. I was became raw food eater and happy with my diet lost 20 pound. I finished my 45 min cycle and came back to 15 min Sungazing everyday since then. I do barefoot walking when I get chance and walk on sand. The experience I have with this Sungazing is I am full of energy I can walk 6 miles a day without any problem and my legs are like bionic. Work 3 times more then average person. Food craving is gone. Due to family concern I do eat most of the time vegetables fruits nuts and mung most of the time. Sometimes I take quinoa water intake is very high. After Sungazing my life is totally worry free. Health is excellent. I go for my medical check up and excellent health condition. I suggest everybody should try this it's free and you will definetly get benefit with this. Never ever stand on the grass on bare foot when you do Sungazing. My eyesight is great but I do wear reading glasses as needed. Now I am in totally spiritual path and this Sungazing really helped me to move forward to this path.
Nayna Indira BL Shah , India

Having Sungazed for over a year using HRM's protocols after increasing my gazing time by 10 seconds daily I have now reached a gazing time of over 35 minutes. My vision has improved to the point where I no longer need to wear my glasses and my food intake has decreased considerably to less than half of what I normally eat. Also I have completely stopped drinking anything containing alcohol and I feel stronger and my health seems greatly improved.
Vagn Sorensen, British Columbia, Canada

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