2012 Sun Yogi Umashankar Workshops in Europe

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Stefan Strecker announced the 2012 schedule for Sun Yogi Umashankar’s European workshops. The sun yoga workshops occur in March and April 2012. The countries of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria have events scheduled.

2012 Sun Yogi Umashankar Workshops in Europe

We humans have become accustomed to that life is associated with joyless restrictions and painful shackles. Looking to the Outer sun, we bring the inside to remove sun and as the shadows that are in our thoughts, feelings and our body.

Sun Yoga is the liberation of humanity from the dark sleep of ignorance of our spiritual existence, which allows us to rediscover the beauty and harmony of life. Sun yoga leads to an enlightened mind, clear mind, healthy body and sheer joie de vivre.

The 13 steps of the sun yoga

  • First Liberation of all material desires (anger & hatred, bigotry, greed, ego and jealousy, sadness, shame, anxiety and fear, etc.).
  • 2nd Develop Divine Energy.
  • 3rd Discovery of Atma, the soul.
  • 4th Samadhi – enlightenment.
  • 5th Relief from hunger.
  • 6th Relief from thirst.
  • 7th Relief from diseases.
  • 8th Paramahansa – Adjusting the mind in all situations.
  • 9th No hostility – All enemies become friends (including pets).
  • 10th Immortality (which occurs when the body’s vibration is similar to that of the environment).
  • 11th The body’s own vibrations are similar to the vibrations of the earth.
  • 12th The body’s own vibrations are similar to the vibrations of the sun.
  • 13th The body’s own vibrations are similar to the vibrations of the universe (Supreme Soul).

Coach: Sunyogi Umasankarji

Dates & Venues:


Germany – 23.-25. March

Netherlands -13.-15. April

Belgium – 20.-22. April

Austria – 27.-29. April


Germany – March 28-April 1

* Investment: about € 260-340

Language: English translation & dtsch

For beginners workshop no experience required!

* Sunyoga Umasankar to be taught gratis. The seminar fee is used for the costs incurred such as travel, accommodation, meals, room rental, etc.. Any profit is used to further spread of Sunyoga.

To register for a Sun Yoga workshop visit: http://www.sonnenyoga.org/?mid=524


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