Mahatma Gandhi’s mother, a Sun gazer

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“During the four months of the monsoon season, she would fast, as her religion dictated, often for two or three days at a time, not breaking the fast until she had seen the sun. “We children on those days would stand, staring at the sky, waiting to announce the appearance of the sun to our mother,” Gandhi writes. “I remember days when, at his [the sun’s] sudden appearance, we would rush and announce it to her. She would run out to see with her own eyes, but by that time the fugitive sun would be gone, thus depriving her of her meal. ‘That does not matter,’ she would say cheerfully. ‘God did not want me to eat today.'”

Source: Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles, by Ved Mehta, page 74


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tazouz said:

on June 5th, 2009

I love that story. Since i have been sungazing for 4 months now I find I have more energy, Less pain in my body and less appetite. Sometimes no appetite. Also I feel really good.
Living in Arizona helps since we do have a lot of sun.


Ronaldodwinn said:

on June 14th, 2011

I desire to purchase a UV measuring device since I live in The mountains. By the time the sun is showing, it has been up for a while. Can you reccommend a brand or website for this product
Thank you, Dwinn


SunYogi Reply:

On the right sidebar of this website there is a section called UV METERS. Look at the rotating product display to see the UV Meters that I recommend. All the posted meters have received positive reviews. They range in price, features and size. You should be able to find a UV Meter that fits your needs. Shine on!


peg said:

on October 22nd, 2012

Just started this journey. only at 60 SEC BUT VERY EXCITED


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