Miracles and other incidents in Ramalinga Vallalar’s life

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Ramalinga, also known as Vallalar, is one of India’s most famous sages. It is reported that Vallalar manifested a body of Pure Light and lived in this light body while on Earth. Even to date, people continue report seeing Vallalar manifest in his light body. This short article on the miracles of Vallalar (Ramalinga) shares aspects of Ramalinga’s life that show evidence that Vallalar practice sun gazing and other sun yoga practices.

Miracles and other incidents in (Ramlinga) Vallalar’s life

by Dhaya Mesrobian

These miracles performed by the Swami refer to different periods; some took place in Madras and its subub Tiruvottiyur in his early life; some others at Karungkuli between 1858 and 1867 and yet others at Vadalur (1867-70) and at Mettukuppam (1870-1874).

They are not reported in a chronological order. Some do not fall in the category of miracles but are incidents that portray Vallalar’s nature in dealing with men and matters both at human and superhuman level. God plays at the human level as much as He does on the suprahuman. He is both human and above the human at the same time. His dealings at human level are sometimes better understood and appreciated. Vallalar was not against doing miracles, as they form the powers and plays of the Divine. However he was not after miracle-mongering. His eventful life was interspersed with many divine miracles of various kinds. He promised in the last part of his life that the Divine Himself was soon to manifest on the earth to rule and play Siddhis of Grace, such as resurrection of the dead and transforming the aged into youths. Thus Vallalar progressively grew into the Divine Nature, as he went on writing inspired poems and doing miracles since his early life. His miracles are continuing even now.

[only those excerpts related to Vallalar (Ramalinga) and the Sun are posted.]

(12) On some occasions, Vallalar sat outside in the sun at noon. At that time devotees at the Dharmashala used to see a column or pillar of light (agni sthambha) rising up between the place of his seat and the sun.

It was easy to see where Vallalar was.We just had to look at the sun and observe where the sun’s light was going, there you would found Vallalar.

How can we understand this? We are like the sun ourselves, Ambalam. He is connected to the diverse suns of the universe. Vallalar manifest into his Grace Light body Who is like the sun incarnated on earth, the son of God. The sun of the earth is connected to the Great central sun of the universe, tha Vallalar calls also Ambalam. So we can see that there is the Ambalam Who is the manifestation of our Grace Light body and the Ambalam Who is above in the upper dimensions of our Being, this Ambalam can be named also the Great central sun, Aton…many names are found for Him in diverse traditions.

(50) Vallalar called for, by letter, one Sabapathy Sivacharya of the Brahmin priesthood-class who was well versed in Vedas and Agamas, the ancient spiritual and religious literature, and explained to him in secrecy the true significance of Gayatri Mantra (i.e., the Mantra of prayer to the Supramental Sun of Truth – Knowledge). The said Sivacharya became his disciple and later he served as priest in his own way he was in charge of Sathya Gnana Sabha, His descendents continue to serve as priest of the Sabha.

To read the full article on Vallalar (Ramalinga) use the following link.

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vallalar said:

on October 19th, 2011

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murugaiyah said:

on April 20th, 2019

We all should have Vallalar Rememberance Day globally recognised & honored Let the whole world who is Vallalar n why is he so great To be honored & respected for all spiritual reasons. The day of his birth should be celebrated by all spiritual aspirants & general public . Needies should be fed n special prayers must be conducted to gain.the blessings of Vallalar. This must be done in Unity . May Vallalar bless our Noble thoughts.


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