New Features Added to Sunlightenment

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Hello fellow Sun Gazers!

Your favorite website on the amazing powers of sunlight just got better! has added new features to make your sunlight surfing more enjoyable.

 These new features include:

Quote Generator

Located on the right sidebar is a quote generator that will display random quotes about the amazing powers of the sun.  You will find quotes from Sun Gazing gurus, research scientists, medical doctors, authors, public figures, and more.  A new quote is displayed each time a page is loaded or when you click the “Next Quote” button.

Rating System

You now have the ability to rate each article. You will find a 5-star rating system used throughout Please rate the articles that you read. This will help me to better select  articles that interest you, as well as directing new readers to the best articles.

In addition, you will find the “Highest Rated”  and “Most Rated” lists of articles on the right sidebar – just below the quotes generator.

User Polls

Now you can provide direct feedback, sharing your insight with the community and with me, the administrator.  Use the Polls located on the right sidebar to let me know what you think about what is offering to you.

Share This!

Just below each article is a “Share This” button.  This feature allows you to send the article to a friend as email, mobile phone text message, AOL Instant Message or MySpace post.  You can submit the article to one of 45 different social media websites (to help promote this article).  Or you can save this article in your “ShareBox”.

Related Articles List

Located below each article you will find a list of 5 “related posts” – articles of similar content.  This will help you find articles similar to what you have just read.

Donate to Sunlightenment

Now you have the chance to support with a donation made via PayPal.  Look for the “Donate” button at the top of the right sidebar.

Also, any purchases of books or sunlight products using the links on provide a small referral bonus. 

Clicking on Google Ads also helps support


Enjoy the new changes!

Shine On!

~ SunYogi


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