The Green Flash of the Sun

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There is a rare phenomenon where the rising and setting Sun produces a green flash of light just above it’s surface. On occasion, photographers and scientists have witnessed this phenomenon. This short article includes a magnificent photograph of the green flash of the setting sun.

The Green Flash of the Sun

“It was the best green flash I’ve ever seen,” says Mila Zinkova who pulled her car to the side of the busy Pacific Coast Highway on Jan. 29th to snap this remarkable picture.


Zinkova raced across lanes of speeding traffic for a better view of the emerald sunset. “I brought the zoom of my lens to maximum and started taking pictures of the disappearing sun,” she says. “There it was–a bright green flash! Next, I had to cross the highway back. I was thinking that if I get run over, nobody will see the pictures.” (She made it.)



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