The Healing Power of the Sunlight: Foreword

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Jakob Lorber (July 22, 1800–August 24, 1864) was a Christian mystic and visionary who referred to himself as “God’s scribe”. He wrote that on 15 March 1840 he began hearing an ‘inner voice’ from the region of his heart and thereafter transcribed what it said. By the time of his death 24 years later he had written manuscripts equivalent to 10,000 pages in print, expecting and receiving no financial reward for his work.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight is one of Jakob’s books, which discusses the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sunlight and ways to effectively use the sunlight for healing and spiritual awakening.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight

A Revelation from the Spirit of God Received through the Inner Word And written down by The prophet Jakob Lorber

Foreword to “The Healing Power of the Sunlight”


This little booklet, which has been out of print for some time, is being re-published, simply because it is held in such high regard by those who have read it and applied the described methods. It is hoped that this booklet will receive extensive distribution.

The message contained herein is of great importance today, even though it was received more than a century ago. To a much greater extent, mankind is threatened by a multitude of diseases and ailments created by our technical civilization, improper and incorrect nutrition and, in our daily battle for survival, we have ignored the healing powers of nature.

Orthodox medicine, in step with our modern civilization, has attempted to substitute thousands of medical preparations for the healing powers of nature which are so abundantly offered to mankind.

Sunlight provides the healing power of nature, and through its radiation, the life-sustaining properties are absorbed by the air, water, herbs, fruits and other mediums utilized by the homeopath for the benefit of the suffering patient. Because the sun is the source of all natural development and is able to convey the healing power necessary for the restoration of good health to the body, why not use, trust and have faith in this divine source of healing power?

This booklet will describe many ways in which the healing energy from the sun can be directly transferred to substances of the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. Therefore, materials such as globuli, poppy oil, camphor milk powder become unsurpassed remedies for patients that are a difficult challenge for modern medical science.

According to the New Revelation, a divinely inspired message received in the mid 1800s, all sickness has its source in a weakness of the human soul complex. In the middle ages, Paracelsus, a highly gifted physician, intuitively recognized this fact, and is being re-discovered today in the psychosomatic sciences.

Because our sun is a carrier of spiritual forces, the natural sunshine we receive on this planet contains spiritual potencies of a positive nature, which react immediately and beneficially for the restoration of the human soul. As the soul regains its integrity, the subsequent reaction is the recuperation of the physical body in the same manner in which the weakening of the soul causes the illnesses of the physical body.

For decades, Europeans, cognisant of and trusting these healing messages, have prepared and used these sun-cure remedies. Their success in treating illnesses with this method completely justifies this spiritual teaching. Hopefully, this publication will lead the way to the reception and application of the remedies for the English-speaking countries.

Understanding this healing message which is, and has been, used for healing purposes, will provide much more enlightenment, for example, the heliopathic cure of tuberculosis and Dr. Bach’s flower therapy. The ancient alchemists searched for a universal Arcanum, a vitality-restoring panacea, and the contents of this little booklet describes that for which they were searching.

In 1851, Jakob Lorber sent this message to his dear friend Anselm Huttenbrenner precisely as he had heard it when the Lord had dictated the text to Jakob’s heart. To preserve the originality, the Lorber publishers have refrained from revising the text. Where deemed necessary, the old expressions, measuring and weight units have been explained.

May the English edition of this divine revelation assist all who are in need of spiritual and physical recovery in accordance with the eternal order through the loving and practical application of every word from God.

To download the entire ebook The Healing Power of the Sunlight, click here.



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