The Mysteries of the Sun – Introduction to Sun Gazing

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In his audio book The SOLution, Wayne Purdin presents the history of sun gazing and sun worship, starting in Ancient Egypt and continuing through the 21st century. This article features the introduction to the spiritual practice of Sun Gazing.

The Mysteries of the Sun – Introduction to Sun Gazing

Sun gazing is as old as mankind. According to the creation myth of the sun gazing Yezidis of Iraq, after the creation of Earth, God sent the seven archangels to the Garden of Eden with the specific mission of creating and educating Adam and Eve. Archangel Michael created them and endowed them with a soul by blowing the breath of life into them. His first lesson ensued when he turned them towards the rising sun while informing them that they and their descendants were to daily worship the flaming orb as symbolic of the supreme God. To enhance their worship, he gave them special prayers they were to recite while meditating on God. Sun gazing was part of the esoteric mystery teachings of many religions and secret societies: Atonism, Mithraism, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Kaballah, Surya Yoga, the Roscicrucians, Freemasonry, Cathars, Bogomils and others.

The special prayers or mantras are another part of these teachings, which I call “the mysteries of the sun.” They have been given to every culture by great adepts as means of enlightening the minds of the people and freeing them from the darkness of ignorance and superstition. I will examine the life and teachings of eleven adepts from the most distant, Ra, to the most recent, Omraam. I could have included more, but I think that the teachings of these eleven will provide a complete enough understanding of the SOLution they presented to mankind. These masters taught that we should look to the sun and take it within, that it expands the mind, and that you begin, through the rays of the sun, to tap into the very mind of God. What these teachers all have in common is that they have become liberated from the cycle of birth and death and have ascended to the etheric realm. They are either ascended masters, otherwise known as saints, or cosmic beings, otherwise known as gods. A saint or ascended master is a soul who has graduated from the elementary school of Earth, has put on the garment of immortality and has moved on to higher realms. A god is a soul who has received a doctorate from the universe in a particular virtue or quality or has an important position in hierarchy, such as rulership of a planet or star.

Today, as the Sun of Aquarius dawns upon our collective awareness, all of the ascended masters, archangels and cosmic beings are coming forth with new teachings in a concerted effort to establish a golden-age solar civilization. These teachings are freely available to everyone through various activities of the Great White Brotherhood in the form of messages called dictations. The ascended master El Morya said that dictations are “expanding matrices designed to expand, through your own meditation, the circumference of self-awareness.” The ascended master Omraam, when he was in embodiment, instructed his disciples to contemplate luminous thoughts while gazing at the Sun. There can be no more luminous thoughts than the words of ascended masters and cosmic beings released in dictations.

The radiant being that ensouls the sun is known by many names in every culture: Ra, Helios, Mithra, Inti, Shamash and so on. This cosmic being was a part of the pantheon of gods of every ancient religion. Today, Helios and his consort Vesta are part of the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood as the representatives of the Solar Presence for our solar system.

The following is an excerpt from a message that Helios delivered in the city of the sun, Phoenix, through the messenger David C. Lewis on December 31, 2006.

“It is time for mankind to understand the sacred science of sungazing and of corollary sciences whereby they may have greater healing of body, mind and soul through attuning to the warmth of the inner richness of the heart, center of all life. You see, blessed ones, when your eyes are trained upon the solar disk in the heavens, there is the transfer through your eye, unto your pineal gland and to all of your inner glands, the light of my presence. And this radiance can be not only for the homeostasis of your physical being, but of the greater enfiring of all of your spiritual centers and of your inner bodies. There can be the reconnection, in a greater manifestation, between all of your inner bodies when you understand the science of the sun. For within each body there is, at its core, a Solar Presence, and when, in alignment, these sun-fire energies are all clearly in resonance with each other, creating a vortex of fire within you, such that great quantities of cosmic radiance may enter your being, even through your crown chakra at the point where the pulsation from your God Presence does enter through your crystal cord.”


Source: , The SOLution audio eBook


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Ronald said:

on April 2nd, 2009

I sun the sun man!


suresh cahand jain said:

on October 1st, 2009

Vedic sanskriti prays sun with 108 names.


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