Welcome the Sun

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In India, the spiritual health practice of Suryayog is becoming popular. This spiritual practices teaches people how to use the energy of the Sun for mental, emotional, and physical health plus spiritual benefits. In this article from India Times, learn more about the benefits of sunlight for better health and get introduced to the popular practice of Suryayog – a safe and easy form of sun gazing.

Welcome the Sun

by Soma Chakraborty

“The darkness of thousand years can be dispelled by a flame of light. So, bring in Surya, that vast effulgent, radiant splendor, which pervades the whole universe and your life. Surrender with unconditional love to Surya. You will be healed on a deep spiritual level of your physical, mental and emotional blocks.” Suryaji

The sun is an integral part of all life and creation. It is a provider of light, warmth and energy. It not only sustains all life on earth, but it sustains the earth itself. It is the principal force of the solar system, the marker of time and the sustainer of all things. It causes rain, night and day and the seasons. It bestows light, warmth and wisdom. Through photosynthesis it is the sun, which gives us the food we eat and the air we breathe. We cannot imagine life without the Sun.

The sun is powerhouse of energy. Sunlight is made of different types of energy that are transmitted to Earth in the form of electromagnetic waves. Only a small portion of these waves reaches the Earth’s surface. Moreover, only 1% of total electromagnetic spectrum is perceived by the eye. The energy from the sun comes to us in the form of rays of light, which are both visible and invisible to our naked eye.

The visible portion of electromagnetic spectrum, containing all the seven colors of the rainbow from violet (with the shortest wavelength) to red (with the longest wavelength), is the most important key to human functioning and evolution. Each of these colors has healing affect on the body, often associated with the glands/organs/chakras/in a particular region of the body.

The other, non-visible light which consist of Cosmic rays, Gama rays, Ultra violet light, Infra-red rays, X-rays, Microwaves, and TV/Radio waves also affect the body. Our lives, health and well being are truly dependent on the energies from the Sun.

Sunlight has great therapeutic value. As stated earlier Research conducted by the US agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says spending time in sun remains the most significant source of vitamin D, which is called sunshine vitamin, because it is produced when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. Twenty minutes spent in the sun without sunscreen enable the skin to produce about 20,000IU of vitamin D. This is equivalent to drinking about 400 glasses of milk. Further, contrary to taking mega dozes of dietary supplements; sun exposure does not appear to cause vitamin D toxicity. Sunshine vitamin, it is said could help prevent cancer, heart disease and tuberculosis, preserve bones and thwart autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile diabetes.

Suryayog is practiced within an hour of sunrise for maximum benefit, though it could also be done within one hour before sunset. Suryaji advices to wear white preferably or light colored clothes for better penetration of sunrays. Food, or drink are not to be taken at least half an hour before doing Suryayog. One could sit or stand while doing Suryayog. If seated spine should be kept erect.

Newcomers to suryayog may look at the sun for three to five minutes and slowly increase to ten minutes, with hands in Surya Mudra and silver or copper coin placed between the eyebrows or at the third eye position or Ajna Chakra. This gazing is followed by about fifteen minutes of closed eyes meditation, when the sun is ‘seen’ on the Ajna Chakra, in an attempt to internalize the soft lighted morning sun. This is followed by with touching mother earth with open palms and forehead. Hands are now rubbed vigorously; eyes are cupped with warm hands and opened slowly to adjust to the lighted world around. Folded hand salutation or namaskar to the sun and people around ends this part of suryayog.

Source: http://spirituality.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-3787098,prtpage-1.cms


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