Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator

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Amazon.com is offering at 1 day sale on the Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator. Save 55% off the retail price – saving $110.00 US. This is sale is only today, May 16, 2009. So act quickly.

Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator

Wake to Your Own Personal Sunrise. Naturally. Why Waking Up is Hard to Do: Traditional Alarm Clocks wake you with a sudden jolt of noise that interrupts you final stage of sleep, causing a condition known as sleep latency that makes it hard to get out of bed. The effects of sleep latency can last all day. A Better Way to Wake Up – Naturally. Your body knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up from the light/dark signals it receives. Unlike the sudden jolt of your alarm clock, your Daybreak provides a natural sunrise that wakes you gradually. By gradually pulling you from the final stages of sleep into wakefulness, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go – no jarring alarm, no feeling like you just woke up. You’ll Sleep Better, too. Your Daybreak can help you get more from your sleep cycle in two important ways: First, waking up gradually to sunrise simulation allows your body to fully complete its final sleep stage. This also sets your body clock’s sleep timer so that…

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