Daylight Robbery: Sunlight – the ultimate detoxifier?

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In his book Daylight Robbery: The Importance of Sunlight to Health, Dr. Damien Downing shares research from Russia that shows that animals exposed to the higher amounts of sunlight were capable of removing toxins out of their body considerably faster than animals reared away from the sun. Even difficult to remove toxins like lead, cadmium, mercury, liver poisons and neurotoxins were detoxed from 2 – 20 times as fast.

Daylight Robbery: The Importance of Sunlight to Health

by Dr. Damien Downing

Sunlight – the ultimate detoxifier?
Excerpt, Chapter 13

It is only the Russians who have fully appreciated this effect of sunlight and put it to use. Their experiments showed that animals exposed to the correct doses of sunlight were capable of clearing a wide range of toxins out of their system considerably quicker than animals reared away from the sun. The toxins that they studied included quartz and coal dusts, toxic minerals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, liver poisons such as carbon tetrachloride, and the neurotoxins which these days are so heavily used worldwide as pesticides. They found that sunlight speeded up the clearance of toxins from the body twice to as much as twenty times. The best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure had started some time before exposure to the toxin.

About the author of Daylight Robbery: The Importance of Sunlight to Health – Dr Damien Downing M.B., B.S., Lic.Ac.

Damien Downing, Ph.D., is president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine and editor of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has undertaken pioneering work in the treatment of allergies, the link between behavioral disorders and nutrition, and light therapy, and the treatment of chronic fatigue, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Downing maintains a private practice in the UK focusing on nutritional and alternative therapies.

Source: Day Light Robbery – The Importance of Sunlight To Health


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