Global Dimming – BBC documentary video

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In 2005, BBC released a documentary video on a scientific phenomenon called “Global Dimming”.  Scientists hypothesize that increased pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere can be reducing the amount of sunlight coming into our planet and our bodies.  The result is increased environmental and health problems.

Global Dimming

BBC Documentary 2005

Before “An Inconvenient Truth” and its also must-see opposition The Great Global Warming Swindle, there was global dimming, an relatively unknown phenomenon that will change the perspective on the causes of climate change. There are dozens of climate change theories based on models that, by definition, are created in search for a particular pattern, from a particular interest. This 2005 BBC Documentary however feels very neutral, honest and realistic about a problem —the reduction of sun light reaching the Earth’s surface— that is as fact as it is common sense, and whose solution (the reduction of pollution already taking place globally), paradoxcally contributes to global warming. Yes, global dimming cools down the Earth and counteracts global warming, hence the growing inestabilty of the climate caused by the two forces fighting each other. Although it’s brilliantly presented, narrated and backed up, watch out for who do you pass it on to, as it can be pretty scary.



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Joshua said:

on September 20th, 2019

This exception documentary was on You Tube, for about 2 weeks back in 05, then it suddenly disappeared and like this link here which is also now a dead end, IF you ever got to see it you can likely figure out why Google and others keep it hidden from view… Yeah it blows a BIG hole in the carbon Tax scam, and the whole global warming fiasco, that it can be stopped and even reversed. It can’t, at least by people.


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