Jesus Christ on Sun Gazing & Physical Nourishment

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In the book Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, author Glenda Green shares dialogue from her meeting with the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. In this conversation Jesus Christ teaches that when the human body’s energy frequency is high enough – embodying more love, heart energy, and adamantine particles – the body will be able to produce it’s own nourishment from the sunlight.

Love Without End: Jesus Speaks
by Glenda Green

page 125-127

Glenda Green: If everything is comprised of adamantine particle’s which are universally exchanged, then there is a profound implication for the subject of diet and food.

As we opened the subject of physical nourishment, He reminded me that the most important factor is receiving whatever we eat with love.

Jesus Christ: “Remember, love controls the adamantine particles. Always receive with love, for it is love which instructs the food on how to nourish your body. Bless the food and thank the givers and preparers of it. Your love will be attuned to the energy frequency your heart has set for your body and will properly instruct your body on how to use the nutrients. For better nutrition, strengthen your heart. A strong heart sets the body at a higher frequency, and establishes a lower resistance mode of energy utilization which is not only more efficient, but is also more able to process and manufacture vitamins and minerals.”

Glenda Green: Apparently we have the innate ability to manufacture a great many more vitamins and minerals than we are currently doing. It is the lower frequency of our heart that is leaving us under supplied with self made nutrients. I asked him about the chemical problems I was encountering with my own diet.

Jesus Christ: “All of this will take care of itself when your energy frequency is high enough to manufacture what you need. Your body’s energy level is too low right now to provide everything for you without support and compensation. Directly receiving sunlight at sunrise or sunset will actually help increase your frequency levels. Whenever you do this, your body chemically responds, and stimulates the manufacture of certain nutrients your energy level is otherwise too low to produce. Chemical resonance equals energy frequencies, and vice versa. Actually, much of the value of hard mineral traces in your bodies is the energetic matrix generated by them. The sun can provide this directly, for it contains both the substance and the fire of every mineral available in your solar system.

“Diet is relative in very many ways, for it supports the love which precedes and surrounds it. Different seasons, different ages, different health conditions, and different altitudes can affect the whole process. Nevertheless, as your heart grows stronger, it will lead you in this. Just as the birds know which seeds to eat, your heart will attract you to the food you need. Your heart will assist you in processing the food according to what your body needs to receive. Until greater understanding can come into this area, I would recommend that you use moderation in all things, and direct it with gratitude and love.

Glenda Green: I wanted to know, “Is it wrong to eat meat?”

Jesus Christ: “Eventually, mankind will eat little or no meat. However, that will come only when a stronger heart and greater refinement of physical energies can produce hormones and nutrients which cannot be manufactured by most people at this time. It is pointless to feel guilty for eating meat when you need it. Vegetarian ideals should not be prematurely enforced on people who are not ready for them. It is far more important that people awaken in their own hearts and incline in that direction as they look for greater health. In the meantime, you will benefit more by gratitude and appreciation for those who have bestowed the bounties of life on you. For I assure you, it is not by food that you are nourished, but by love. A humble meal that is beautifully prepared with love and shared in loving company is more nourishing than vegetarian cuisine eaten on the run. No combination matters if love is not the central ingredient. The major cause of overweight, malnutrition, and dietary disease is loveless meals from unloved plants and unloved animals, grown on an unloved Earth. There is no coincidence that such problems have increased in proportion to lifestyles of hasty and obsessive eating.

“At this time, most people need some meat to be healthy, and it should never be eaten with a sense of guilt. In the presence of guilt, your love cannot direct and refine the process of nourishment. The food chain is a fact of life upon which all life forms have agreed for the duration of its necessity. Many have chosen that for their loving service. It is a fact to be accepted, to be honored, and never to be abused. In ancient times when man lived closer to the Earth and perceived the one spirit more clearly, this was better understood and more fully honored. Until a deeper understanding is rekindled, all that I can ask is for more kindness, gratitude, and moderation to be shown toward those who share their lives with you. In the western world, far too much meat is being consumed. It is overloading the body with electrical charge and suppressing sensitivity toward the one spirit and the magnetic attractions of the heart. There is no coincidence that excess consumption of meat is having its heaviest consequence in damage to the physical heart. Second to over consumption, the other great offense against animals is the manner in which they are raised for slaughter in loveless quarters. This is unconscionable and is leaving a bitter legacy in the adamantine particles of nature. Moreover, the food resulting from it is depleted in every conceivable way.

“The entire science of Kosher cooking which Moses taught was based on an understanding of such factors. For example, one of the rules of Kosher cooking is that veal should never be cooked with milk. Veal is the meat of a calf, and milk is the essence of its mother’s love. The substance of the mother’s life should never be combined with the slaughtered body of her child. It is a dishonoring of the love. That was the entire reason for it. All the laws of Kosher cooking have their roots in similar concepts of love and nourishment. Unfortunately, much of that wisdom has been lost and replaced with rigid formulas. As with much ancient wisdom, the structures remain and the elixir of truth has evaporated.

“A true understanding of the relationship between food and love could revolutionize health. However, do not forget what I told you about sunlight; to watch the sun in the morning and the evening, because watching the sun can actually set your physical, etheric, and spiritual hearts into a harmonic resonance which will attract what you need and process what you have more perfectly. Doing this will improve your experience of the day, as well as your energy, your nutrition, and your sleep, for adamantine particles are the river of life connecting Heaven and Earth.”

Source: Love Without End: Jesus Speaks…


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sunboy said:

on March 2nd, 2009

Sorry for my bad english ^^
I do not think all this information is accurate. Animals are our brothers and kill an animal is never an act of love. animals are not for men, they are there for themselves. I think some of this information is parasitized by the mind of the medium. In the Gospel of the Essenes, Jesus speaks to this topic:

“And immediately after this command, he was given a second:” Thou shalt not kill “, because life was given to all by God, and what God has given, it is not for the man it. For I say unto you, verily, is a single mother that carries everything that lives on earth. This is the one who kills, kills his brother. But this man offense, the Mother, the Earth turns away and it will deprive its ranks invigorating. And his angels avoid it, then Satan will remain in his body. And the flesh of animals slaughtered for his body will become his own tomb. For I say unto you, indeed, he who kills, is killing himself and one who eats the flesh of slaughtered animals, eats the body of death.

“And in his blood every drop of their blood running in the poison, in his breath, you can see their breath foul and in his flesh, their flesh turns into purulent abscesses, in his bones, their bones become calcified; in his intestines, their intestines are putréfient; in his eyes, their eyes and chipping in their ears, their ears turn into waxy secretions. And their death will become his death.

Yet it is only to serve our Heavenly Father as our debts of seven years forgiven in seven days.

As for Satan, it gives you nothing and you must pay for everything: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, life for life, death for death. For the ransom of sin is death.

“Do not kill and do not eat the flesh of your innocent victims if you do not want to become the slaves of Satan. Because this is the path of suffering that leads to death. By against, we must do the will of God so that his angels may serve you on the path of life. Therefore obey the word of God:

“Well, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is on the surface of the earth and every tree that is the fruit of a tree bearing seed, for you do in your food. And every animal on earth, every bird in the air and all that crawling on the earth, all these animals in which there is a breath of life, I have given every green herb for food. In addition, the milk of every animal that moves and lives on earth will be your food, as I have given the green grass, and I give you milk. As for the flesh and blood that gives life to animals, you should not eat. And certainly, I ask you to their hot blood, blood which remains in the soul. I ask you account for each animal killed, as well as for the souls of all men killed. For I the Lord your God am a God strong and jealous, punishing the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and I do mercy for thousands of generations to who love me and follow my commandments. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment. – And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. “There is no greater commandments than these. ”



cybermikan said:

on June 13th, 2009

My dear people, do safe sungazing by HRM methode and you will have good health and live longer without

any disease! I am on 17 min. and 30 sec. of sungazing and don´t require any food any more, just drink a

little couple of tea on a day!

It´s truth man can live without any food!


Nivasha said:

on November 7th, 2015

Thank you Glenda, this was beautifully written. I am an empath and clairvoyant. I started seeing the adamantine particles about 3 years ago. It appears to me like the air we breathe so it is omnipresent. It is a beautiful hue of gold and I lovingly refer to it as the golden mist. It takes on the shape of what I am thinking so if I am thinking butterfly in my thoughts, it was take on that shape. It changes color as well from the most beautiful blues and greens to purples and pinks and reds. It is truly a sight to behold and I am very Blessed to exist in it. I find at times when I am vibrating in a high frequency it is denser and very very thick. I am able to “play” with it as it is very malleable. I have great fun doing this. I have yet to understand my full purpose of being able to see it – my partner of 3 years also sees it too, we actually saw it together for the first time. There is a very deep love between us and I know this exists when there is an influx of love. If perhaps anyone sees it too, we could connect on this site.

Thank you again and for allowing me to share.

Much love.



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