Symbolisms of the Sun – The Solar Symbol

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The sun has been the inspiration of mythologies and symbolism, rituals and beliefs in all cultures throughout history. Part 1 of this article explains the various sun symbols of various cultures and their usage.

Symbolisms of the Sun

By Margo Kirtikar PhD

The sun has been the inspiration of mythologies and symbolism, rituals and beliefs in all cultures throughout the ages. In most cultures the sun stands for the male energy, light, reason and strength, as opposed to the moon which is associated with female qualities, darkness, emotion and giving.

Below I will give you a brief and incomplete historiography of the various sun symbols in different cultures followed by some practical information.

The Solar Symbol

A solar symbol that symbolises the sun has a significance in astrology, mythology, religion, mysticism, psychoanalysis and in many other fields as well. There are many solar symbols. Here are some examples

The Circle

solar-symbolA simple circle that symbolizes the sun, a circular disk as in the flag of Japan, the flag of Bangladesh, and the Australian aboriginal flag.



The Circle with a dot in the centre

circle-dotThis is the astronomical and astrological symbol for the sun. It is also the ancient Egyptian sign for the sun or Ra in the hieroglyphic writing system.



The Sun Cross

sun-crossThe sun cross or solar wheel, a cross inside a circle, is one of the oldest and most universal religious symbols and a popular neopagan solar symbol. It represents the four seasons and the tropical year. In prehistoric use this symbol represented the union of opposed polarities in the western world. This symbol was discovered in diverse areas of the world, scratched into stone or painted on pottery, for example in Pyrenees in old Europe, in Scotland, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and in the Iranian Plateau. It may be compared to the yinyang symbol of the Eastern world.


The Swastika

swastikaThe swastika is another solar symbol. It is used among Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. This symbol was also used by the Nazis in Germany who had a warped idea of its meaning. This symbol implies that the central point is not limited to one individual, however perfect. That the Principle ‘God’ is in humanity and humanity, as all the rest, is in it, like drops of water are in the ocean, the four ends being toward the four cardinal points, hence losing themselves in infinity.


The Eight pointed Star

eight-pointed-starThis symbol also has a solar meaning and has appeared on the flag of several Russian subdivisions and also between 1959-1963 on the flag of Iraq.



The doubled Sun Cross

double-sun-crossThis symbol is the double cross in a circle, representing, Jesus the Savior and Redeemer.





triskelionSome forms of the triple spiral or triskelion signs are considered to be solar symbols. The triskelion on the flag of Ingushetia is given this meaning.




rosetteThis is a Slavic solar symbol, the flower of life symbol.




Sun Circle

sun-circleThis is a very ancient Pagan sun wheel.  A Slavic solar symbol.





shamasThis symbol was used in the Euphrates and Tigris region, Mesopotamia, around 1000 B.C. to represent the sun god Shamas, the greatest power, the highest divinity. It is often depicted as rising out of the sign of Aries, the ram, representing the spring equinox. The wavy lines are signs of the sun’s radiation. This symbol is often found in close physical proximity to the ideograms, for the moon god Sin, and for Ishtar, as well as with the staff of the Babylonian sun god Shamas.


Rayed Depictons

rayed-sunA circular disk with alternating triangular and wavy rays emanating from it is a frquent symbol of the sun. In the ancient Mesopotamian symbol of the sun-God Shamas there are four wav rays that emanate from the circle.



Practical Info

Are you aware that the sun rays are equivalent to gold rays and therefore, like gold, extremely beneficial to your health? Although it is dangerous in some areas of the world to sun bathe, it is very healthy to enjoy bright sunshine in little dosis, especially early mornings. It is healthy for the spleen, as the spleen, an important spiritual organ, tanks in energy from the sun. It is very beneficial for you to stand facing the sun and consciously breathe in deeply, while going through a positive mantra in your head. For example, you breathe in and think ‘I am now breathing in sunshine healing every cell of my body.’ As you breathe out slowly you think ‘I am breathing out all negativity and illness out of every cell of my body.’ Do this a few times, slowly and see how wonderful you will feel. Sunshine not only heals, but it purifies aswell. It is very beneficial for people who are depressed who usually like to shun sunlight. For the spleen sit or stand with your back to the sun and let it shine full blast on your back to do is work. Remember to keep your thoughts positive.

© Margo Kirtikar Ph.D., all rights reserved.




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cesar said:

on March 5th, 2009

excelente sus reportajes de investigacíon sobre el tema del sol, necesitamos sobre las tormentas solares?


SunYogi Reply:

I will post more articles on solar storms, sun spots, and how it affects humanity.

Voy a publicar más artículos sobre las tormentas solares, manchas solares y cómo afecta a la humanidad.

Many blessings.


cesar said:

on March 5th, 2009

excelente sus reportajes de investigacíon sobre el tema del sol, necesitamos sobre las tormentas solares?


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