The Healing Power of the Sunlight: A Fourth Method of Using the Sunlight for Healing Purposes

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Jakob Lorber (July 22, 1800–August 24, 1864) was a Christian mystic and visionary who referred to himself as “God’s scribe”. He wrote that on 15 March 1840 he began hearing an ‘inner voice’ from the region of his heart and thereafter transcribed what it said. By the time of his death 24 years later he had written manuscripts equivalent to 10,000 pages in print, expecting and receiving no financial reward for his work.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight is one of Jakob’s books, which discusses the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sunlight and ways to effectively use the sunlight for healing and spiritual awakening.

The Healing Power of the Sunlight

A Revelation from the Spirit of God Received through the Inner Word And written down by The prophet Jakob Lorber


Take a crucible made of serpentine stone which holds a good half liter. Take also a pestle of the same serpentine stone for stirring and grinding. Then see that you obtain from a butcher 1/4 to 3/8 liter of lamb’s blood or, if that is not available, healthy calf’s blood. Pour this blood into the above-mentioned vessel and if one such vessel is too small, take two and put half the quantity into each one which would then make 1/8 or 3/16 liter. Then expose this blood to the sun, as previously described, and keep stirring it repeatedly while the sun is shining upon it. But during the night you must carefully protect it from the effects of the air and keep it in a cool place. This stirring and exposing the blood in the sun is kept going until the blood is totally dried up. When that has happened, you shall pulverize it in the same vessel and with the same pestle, by grinding, crushing and pounding it. When, in this way, you have obtained a reddish-brown powder, store it in a clean, dark glass container.

This medication is used in the same way as the first two kinds and its effect is also universal. But, above all, it is suitable for diseases of the lungs and also for sufferers from various kinds of bleeding.

If the blood, after it has been exposed several times, gives forth a most disagreeable smell, do not let it offend you, such a smell is not detrimental and finally, when the blood is quite dry, it changes to an actually pleasant smell.

However, you must not use blood of any other animal, also not the blood of cattle or sheep, for once these animals begin to feed on grass, the soul specifics in their blood become coarser and more impure and these would then absorb from the rays of the sun only what is homogeneous to them.

Therefore, the blood of lambs and calves, provided the animals are completely healthy, is only suitable for the abovementioned purpose while they still subsist on the milk of the mother.

This medication, if properly stored, retains its effectiveness for a whole year; after that it becomes less effective. It can be recharged by being exposed to the rays of the sun again for some time, yet it is better to prepare a fresh lot. That is the fourth method. Now to another one.

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