The Influence of the Solar Energy by Peter Deunov (part 2)

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Peter Deunov, the master teacher of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, teaches in this article how the sun’s energy can heal various parts of our physical bodies and increase our overall health. This article looks in depth at the seasons and daylight hours, teaching how the changing levels of sunlight affect different parts of the body.

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria.” -Albert Einstein

The Influence of the Solar Energy – part 2

by Peter Deunov

Let us follow the course of the year as an analogy to this fact. The solar rays do not act in an uniform manner during all the seasons of the year. The earth (that is a respective place) is most negative in the beginning of the spring and that is why it receives most at that time. This is the reason why of all seasons of the year, the solar rays have a most curative effect during the spring. Starting on March 22nd, the earth gradually becomes more positive. During the summer it is quite positive and receives less. (The summer rays also act curatively but to a lesser degree).

In the beginning of spring there is more prana and the organisms absorb the greatest quantity possible, while during the summer the heat increases but not the prana, or the vital energy, which is so abundant in the spring. There are certain signs by which we can know when nature is more rich in prana.

In this way the solar energy exercises four kinds of influence during the four seasons. The spring and the summer represent the influx of energy, while the autumn and winter – the reflux. That is why the most beneficial influence of the sun begins on the 22nd of March. All the well-constructed organisms profit by this energy, while the weak ones, on the contrary, become weaker.

The earth begins its creative work on March 22nd. Its creative forces reach the climax of their activity then. Since the positive solar energy comes in an increased amount to the earth during this time, the creative energy of the latter is increased, stirring an intense growth in all things. The greatest organic activity takes place at that time.

The most favorable time for renovation and development starts on March 22nd and continues during the whole of April and May, till June 22nd. On this last date all growth ceases.

The day can be divided into 4 periods of 6 hours each: from midnight till 6 o’clock in the morning constitutes the time of spring, from 6 o’clock in the morning till 12 at noon – is the time of summer; from 12 at noon till 6 in the evening (till sunset) – it is the autumn; and from 6 o’clock in the evening till midnight – it is the winter. Because of the movements of the earth during certain times of the year the summer of the day is longer and the winter – shorter. The contrary takes place in winter.

We, the inhabitants of the earth, must follow in our life the example, which the plants give us; they understand better than us the law of growth. The solar energy arrives here an a large current, which encompasses the earth from the north to the south pole and returns to the sun. Certain men of learning support the idea that it is precisely this energy which causes the movement of the earth around its axis. When certain plants begin to feel that this potential energy begins its inflow and manifestation on earth they start budding and preparing themselves, and when this energy is increased, they blossom up and try to absorb as much of this energy as they can in order to be fructified. This energy is transmitted to the plants by the vivifying plasma. This is exactly why at the moment we see the plants budding and blossoming, a new inner joy should come to birth in the human soul, that the day of its liberation is approaching. All the fibers of man’s being should vibrate with a tender feeling for this animating force, which envelops him if he would be a recipient of its beneficial influence, which would refresh and renew his thoughts, feelings and strength.

In spring and summer, beginning on March 22nd, it is good for one to go to bed early and to get up before the rising of the sun to welcome it and to receive the part belonging to him as the bees gather the nectar of the flowers. It would be sufficient for one to practice this in the course of some years, in order to be convinced in the truth of this statement. A blind faith is not necessary, for each one will work out his own conceptions and opinions concerning the beneficial influence of the sun. There is absolutely no place for deception in this fact, since it is based upon a profound understanding of a fundamental law of august nature. We should always be in agreement with its injunctions and understand that they contain the methods for our life. And if we live in perfect accord with them, we can be always intelligent, healthy, strong and happy. Therefore, we should have a heart full of the best feelings when we are to welcome some of the servants of nature. And one of these servants is the sun. That is why the Psalmist says: “And they turned and sought God in the morning.” (Psalm 78) and “It is a good thing to give thanks to Jehova, and to sing praise unto Thy name, O, Most High; to show forth Thy loving kindness in the morning” (Psalm 92) ; but he does not say; “To sing praise unto Thee, Lord, in the evening.” When Nature starts working, then we should start our work, also. And this is the Divine, the sublime thing in life: to think and to feel as we see these manifestations in the supreme Reason of the august living Nature, and not to follow after the inventions of all sorts of systems and beliefs of men. For the most just conception of life is the Truth; the essence of life is Love and the sense of this life is Wisdom.

We mentioned before that there exists an analogy between the solar system and the organism. The processes taking place in the organism find an analogy in those of the solar system. When the solar energy enters the brain, it undergoes the same modifications as those which occur when it first enters the sun after leaving the central sun. This fact is difficult to explain, since men generally have a mechanic conception of things, instead of a psychological one, based on reason. The feelings, the sensitivity, constitute the negative pole, while the thought – the positive pole. In the human organism the brain is positive and the sympathetic nervous system is negative. It is the same in the cosmos. In the left side of the human body the energy descends toward the left foot and then, by way of the right foot and the right side it moves upward. There exists such an electromagnetic current around every organ. For instance, positive energy passes through the right eyebrow, which turns and passes under the same eye, where it becomes negative energy. From there it mounts over the left eye, where it becomes positive again. After that it moves under the same eye as negative energy. In this way the movement of this energy resembles the number 8.

At the point between the eyebrows, or at the root of the nose there is a center of reason, which regulates these currents around the eyes. One might call this center the Silent, the Rational in nature, which regulates the forces.

The circulation of the blood is due mainly to electromagnetic currents. If they did not support the flow of the arterial blood, the heart would be incapable of doing this alone. But the blood moves in the human organism by the help of that cosmic impulse in the world, which constantly regulates the blood-circulation of all organisms. The movements of this protoplasm in the cell, the circulation and rotation, the movement of the sun, planets and the other celestial bodies, are all due to this same electromagnetic current.

The energy which the earth draws from the sun can be compared to the arterial blood and that which it sends back to the sun can be compared to the venous blood. Our sun plays the role of a heart, but this role is still better played by the central sun. As the impure blood must return from the tissues to the heart and then go to the lungs to be purified, in the same way the energies of the earth return to the sun, in order to regain their primal rhythm.

We consider the sun not as a dead body, but as a living being. Let us admit, for example, that a certain learned man salutes from a distance contemporary men with his shells. What would be our idea of this man? The study which we would make of his will concern only his physical side. Let us suppose, on the other hand, that this same learned man, by some reflector, would send us his rays – some well-written poems by which he would salute us or that he would send us his fruits: in the first case his energy would be destructive, in the second – stimulating and in the third invigorating. At the present time we are studying only the two kinds of the solar energies. All illnesses on the earth are caused by the sun, that is to say: if we are hard-hearted, unresponsive and stubborn, the sun salutes us by its shells; if we are wise, it salutes us by its bright poems, which fill us with joy and gladness, and last, if we are spiritually elevated and love the nature, it sends its living fruits which deposit in us the germ of the new life – that, which is called in religion -Resurrection.

The ignorant shall understand nature by its restricting, physical laws; the wise – by its illuminating bright poems, and the spiritual – by its living, vivifying fruits out of which flows the life for the whole of humanity.

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Vie said:

on September 21st, 2010

I have read this many times over a period of months, yet every time I come back to it I find new, more profound insights. I have yet to see anything surpass the brilliance of Petar Deunov.


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