The Influence of the Solar Energy by Peter Deunov (part 1)

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Peter Deunov, the master teacher of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, teaches in this article how the sun’s energy can heal various parts of our physical bodies and increase our overall health. This articles looks in depth at the seasons and daylight hours, teaching how the changing levels of sunlight affect different parts of the body.

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria.” -Albert Einstein

The Influence of the Solar Energy – part 1

by Peter Deunov

The sun is a source of living energy for the whole solar system. In relation to the earth, the energy of the sun is positive. This energy develops into positive and negative electricity, and into positive and negative magnetism. The energy of the earth in relation to the sun is negative (the earth has two kinds of energy, but the negative is predominant, while of the two kinds of energy, which the sun possesses, the positive is predominant) . By the contact of these two kinds of energy, life is produced on Earth. The powerful mediator, which unites and transforms these two energies, is called ether by the scientists. It penetrates all space and the whole earth. The occultists call it vivifying plasma; the mystics call it spirit. And in the book of Genesis (ch. 1, verses 1-2) it is said: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”.

The structure of the sun is the same as the structure of the cells. The sun is composed of three regions: the one of them prepares the energies, the second one accumulates, collects and transforms them; while the third – directs them to the earth. These three regions exist also in the cells: an outer region which receives the solar energy; a second one which accumulates it within itself; and an inner region, which works it over and transforms it into a vital force. These three regions are found also in the organism in a more developed form. In the embryo, one can recognize them most easily. The first, outer, visible envelope of the embryo is called ectoderm; the intermediary one is called mesoderm, and that which is in the center, the most internal, is called endoderm.

The energy which our sun receives from the central sun of our visible universe is positive at first, but afterwards it is polarized into positive and negative.
There exists an important law that the more negative the earth, the greater its capacity of receiving the positive solar energy; and inversely, the more positive the earth, the lesser its receptive capacity.

Every celestial body receives energies by its negative pole and emits them by its positive pole. When a center is positive, it gives, but when it is negative, it receives. The positive energy creates, while the negative – constructs.

The greater part of the energy, which our sun receives from the central sun, is consumed by the sun itself. Comparatively a very small amount of it is transmitted to the planets. The energies, which the earth receives from the sun undergo a considerable transformation, for as they penetrate the earth-layers, the latter absorb all their nutritive elements and only that which is not of any more use remains. Thus the earth throws into cosmic space those energies, which are of no more benefit to its development and growth. From there, by certain special ways, these energies return to the sun, which on its part, redirects them to the central sun for further modification and transformation, until their primary rhythm is achieved.

From midnight till noon the earth (i.e. a respective part) is negative and receives more, while from noon till midnight it is positive and gives more. Beginning at midnight, the earth starts to project into cosmic space negative energy and in return, to receive positive solar energy. At sunset the earth is positive to the highest degree, and consequently it gives most. In the afternoon, the earth starts to project into cosmic space positive energies and after it has emitted a sufficient quantity, it becomes negative. This is gradually done and it is toward midnight that the negative energies become predominant. The earth is negative in the highest degree at sunrise, which means that at that time it receives most. This fact is of highest importance for us, since it reveals the great significance and value of sunrise. We must take into consideration the following law: we form a part of the earthly organism and therefore when the earth receives, we also receive and when the earth gives, we also give*. This is exactly why the first rays of the sun are the most powerful. At that moment the human organism is most receptive toward the solar energies. There is always more vital energy or prana in the morning than at noontime, and the living organism absorbs the greatest quantity of positive energies (prana) at that time. The first rays of the sun (at sunrise) are most active; the sun is then at the apogee of its activity.

The solar energy passes each day through four different states. From 12 o’clock midnight to 12 o’clock at noon there is an influx of solar energy, and from noon to midnight – a reflux. The influx, which begins at midnight, reaches its culminating point at sunrise; it is then most powerful and vivifying. It gradually decreases till noon and then the reflux begins which reaches its highest point at sunset. According to the law of motion, that part of the earth which turns itself constantly toward the sun and approaches it, is found in the most favorable conditions for its development, while that part whose distance from the sun increases loses most of the conditions. One hour before sunrise the solar energies exercise a purely psychological influence upon the cells of the human body, and by refreshing and invigorating them, create a new impulse toward activity in the whole body.

Before sunrise, the rays which are refracted in the atmosphere, influence mostly the brain. During sunrise, the rays which come in a straight line, influence mostly the respiratory system and our sensitiveness; while toward noon, the same rays have an influence upon our digestive system. That is why the curative power of the solar energy is different during different hours of the day, before sun-rise – for the amelioration of the cerebral nervous system; at sunrise -for the strengthening of respiratory system, and from 9 till 12 at noon, for the strengthening of the stomach, that is to say, during that time of the day, the sun rays have a curative effect upon the sick stomach. In the afternoon, the curative effect of the solar energies is of smaller importance.

At the first sight, it would appear that the solar rays are most curative about one or two o’clock in the afternoon, since the heat is greatest then. But if the solar rays had a curative effect through their heat, why then could not the heat of the stove be a substitute for their curative power? It is not the solar heat which is the main curing factor, but this function belongs to other energies of higher order, which we may call prana (vital energy) in regard to which the earth is more receptive in the morning.

The latest scientific researches declare that the solar rays are most curative before noon, but someone might object that when it is sunrise for us, it is noon for some and sunset for others. Then why this difference in the curative action of the rays during the different hours of the day? The reason for this difference lies in the varying receptive aptitude of the earth and the organism.

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