The Mysteries of the Sun – Lanello

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In his audio book The SOLution, Wayne Purdin presents the history of sun gazing and sun worship, starting in Ancient Egypt and continuing through the 21st century. This article features the Ascended Master Lanello, who lived as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV.

The Mysteries of the Sun – Lanello

In 1369 B.C., Amenhotep IV, an embodiment of the ascended master Lanello, took over the reigns of Egypt from his ailing father Amenhotep III. During his upbringing he was educated at the Temple of the Sun at On or Heliopolis where the priests instilled in him a devotion to Aton. When he became pharaoh, he was given the secret mysteries of the sun handed down from his great grandfather. He learned that Aton was the one true, self-created, unmanifest God and that all the other gods, including Amen, were man-made. Early in his reign, he changed his name to Akhenaton, meaning “he who is beneficial to Aton.” He considered himself a son of Aton.

Akhenaton initiated a change in the religious climate from a fear-based polytheism with its death cult, magic amulets, numerous idols, animal sacrifice, and secretive rituals of a powerful priesthood to a more devotional religion, which was free of graven images, obsession with the afterlife, and magic; which emphasized reverence for sunlight and cleanliness, and simple burial; and which allowed ordinary citizens to freely worship in open-air temples with offerings of fruits, flowers and incense, as was done in the original solar religion of Egypt. Aton’s temples had no idols or graven images other than the one Akhenaton devised — a sun disk from which proceeded rays, the ends of which terminate in hands. Some of these hands held the ankh, the symbol of life, to the nostrils of his sun gazing worshipers.

This symbolism shows that Akhenaton understood the relationship between sunlight, prana and breath. He knew that sunlight is the source of all life upon earth. This was not worship of the physical sun but worship of one God, a supreme deity, whose spirit was in Heaven and whose physical manifestation was the sun – the symbol of life. It changed the worship of the sun as a god to the worship of God symbolized by the sun. Paintings and carvings of Aton were always accompanied with a sort of hieroglyphic footnote, stating that it was just a representation of the all-encompassing Creator.

The following quote from a decree made by Akhenaton upon the founding of Anketaton, indicates that morning sun gazing was a part of Atonism. “Every eye beholds him without hindrance while he fills the land with his rays and makes everyone to live. With seeing whom my eyes are satisfied daily when he rises in this temple and fills it with his own self by means of his rays, beauteous with love, and embraces me with them in life and power forever and ever.” Akhenaton and his followers also sun gazed to receive divine direction. Gary D. Goodwin of the Millennium Group wrote that Akhenaton “worshipped the sun and he believed that he could receive revelation from the sun if he stared into it.”

Besides sun gazing, sunbathing was also done as evidenced by the semi-nudity shown in many of the paintings of Akhenaton and his family. Also he designed and had constructed the Maru-Aton, or ‘viewing temple’ outside of Akhetaton, which contained gardens, pools and sunshades, or solar altars. The sunshades were roofless tanning booths made of alabaster, sandstones, and granites inlaid with colored stones and colored glass beads. According to Egyptologist Cyril Aldred, they were used for “the daily rejuvenation of the body by means of the sun’s rays.” A person would lie on the stone altar in the sunshade and receive the rejuvenating rays of the sun, either directly, or indirectly, I assume, through the crystalline matrix of the stones composing it.

In a recent dictation through the messenger, David C. Lewis on June 30th, 2007, Lanello had this to say:

“An age of divine reason is dawning. And the reason for man’s being upon this earth to live as a Sun Presence of light is coming to the fore. Yes, it is exciting to have the availability of our own Solar Presence to live a life of meaning and of service! We are not limited by time and space but can be everywhere and ‘every time’ in the consciousness of God. We can witness the birth of solar worlds and send love-wisdom to each sentient being through just a five-minute meditation on the One. There is nothing that we cannot do if we just believe in our God Self!”


Source: , The SOLution audio eBook


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