The Sunshine Makers cartoon (1935)

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Released on January 11, 1935 (1/11), this classic cartoon showcases the powerful healing effects of sunlight to create happiness and wellbeing.  Much wisdom is contained within this simple cartoon.

Cartoon Synopsis:

This is the story of a community of happy little gnomes who have the abilitiy to distill sunshine into a bottled exlir.  Anyone consuming this liquid sunshine immediately begins singing and celebrating in perfect happiness.

In a gloomy forest nearby lives a bunch of misery-loving goblins who only feel bad.  Seeing the sunshine gnomes as a threat to their way of life, they mount an attack on the gnome village.  The gnomes fight back by bombarding the goblins with bottles of sunshine exilir.  Soon, the goblins are enlightened and everyone is happy.

Released by Van Beuren Studios on January 11, 1935.  Length: 7 minutes 41 seconds.





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Joao said:

on August 28th, 2010

Nice cartoon!


Silentmonk said:

on March 10th, 2018



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