Tomorrow on The Dr. Oz Show – Sunlighten Saunas

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Sunlight Saunas / Sunlighten is being recognized by some of the world’s leading health experts. Tomorrow, Sunlight Saunas / Sunlighten will be featured on The Dr. Oz Show to showcase the new mPulse Series Far Infrared Sauna – the world’s 1st bio-feedback-enabled infrared sauna. The original Sunlight Sauna / Sunlighten sauna set a standard that no other sauna could match. However with this new bio-feedback technology, these far infrared saunas are taken to a new level.

Sunlight Saunas use carbon to create far infrared rays that replicate the healing energy of the sun. Using gentler heat and far infrared creates a cellular detoxification experience that is amazing. Detoxify your body to create fasting healing and a cleaner body.

Tune into The Dr. Oz Show to see our new mPulse Series showcased this Wednesday, Januray 6th!

The new mPulse Sauna from Sunlighten

The world’s 1st bio-feedback-enabled infrared sauna

– Built-in monitor wirelessly captures heart rate and calories burned
– Exclusive accessories track heart rate, steps taken, weight and body mass index changes
– Data wirelessly transmitted to a personal wellness website, where progress can be tracked

A state of the art user interface changes the game

– The first sauna with an LCD touch-screen
– Controls dimmable lighting and SO Sound
– Sets temperature, time and tracks metrics
– 7” full-color DVD screen with swivel capability

A revolutionary new heating capability that is fully customizable

– Intelligent technology addresses whole body needs
– Multiple combinations of settings allow for variety within and across sessions
– Most robust heaters on the market
– Interactive elements take experience to next level of personalization

The new mPulse Series from Sunlighten.

A Revolutionary new heating capability that is fully customizable

The mPulse sauna heating system gives you personalized access to all the benefits associated with the entire infrared spectrum. This Solocarbon technology uses a proprietary blend of full spectrum weavelengths to more precisely & effectively address health needs.

The 7″ LCD touch screen allows you to custom program your sauna session, unlocking the door to personalize your sauna and help meet your health goals. Sunlighten mPulse saunas have the most robust sauna heaters across size, emisivity and infrared power for optimal results. In just 10 minutes are Saunas are warmed up and on the way to empowering wellness.

To learn more about Sunlighten Saunas, please email the SunYogi, creator of or call Sunlight Saunas / Sunlighten Medical Sales Representative Joey Thomas at 1-877.292.0020 extension 138 or visit

Please tell Joey Thomas that Lincoln Gergar referred you. You will receive great customer support and receive additional savings on your purchase.

Sunlight Saunas / Sunlighten has offices in Europe, Australia and numerous other countries around the world. Have a Sunlight Sauna / Sunlighten product shipped to you in nearly any country.

The SunYogi has been using Sunlight Saunas for personal and clinical detoxification since 2006.

“I have never felt cleaner than after I am in my Sunlight Sauna.” – SunYogi


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