Akahi, a Breatharian in Vilcabamba – video

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Akahi is a breatharian who lives in Ecuador, South America. In March 2008, Akahi became a breatharian after a process of changing his diet and raising his body’s vibration. This video interview shares some of Akahi’s own ideas about the breatharian process and the future potential of humanity, including our changing DNA structure.

Akahi belongs to a worldwide movement called BREATHARIANS, they feed from the air and don’t need food. The movement was born from a book called “Live by Light” originated in Australia.

Update: A new internationally acclaimed film on breatharianism is now available – In the Beginning There Was Light.  Watch the entire film here. http://muvi.es/w5108/273414

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn-oe5Ck-IA


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Leong Munglan said:

on January 8th, 2014

I’ve been a raw vegan/liquidarian for for 6yrs now. Was vegetarian for 13 yrs that led to this. Yeah its a process an evolutionary one. It all started with a bad case of sinuses for me. That’s when I started the 10 day fasting according to Dr. Richard Anderson But it led to 72 days (at day 46 or so I had peanuts and potatoes so I didint die/??!!??)But seeing the amount of fecal come out the other end of me encouraged me to carry on for 72 days. and ever since then I carry on with the colon cleansinng with Anderson’s description of the different types of fecal plaque ever at the back of my mind
I’m turinigliquidarian next… I feel it…What next????hopefully breatharianism…


SunYogi Reply:

Wonderful Leong. I am very happy for your improvements in health. The more you continue on this journey, the more your mind will understand the deeper workings of this Universe. I recommend the following video to help you understand more about the breatharian path of spiritual awakening: http://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/the-higher-self-on-breatharian-living/ Also the videos by Jericho Sunfire will be helpful and supportive: http://sunlightenment.com/tag/jericho-sunfire/ . I wish you the best on your path of increased health and enlightenment. Shine on!


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