Ayurveda Waking Up Times

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This short post by XtremeMind.com teaches the importance of waking early in the morning, before the sun rises.

Waking up Times

This is one of the most basic and important rules in Ayurveda. Just following a proper wake up regime one can cure their depression, lack of energy, anxiety, bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc.) many illnesses, and much much more. If you dont believe this, do a test. For a couple of weeks wake up from 4-5 am and then the next couple of weeks wake up at 8 am (with adequate sleeping hours of course!). Compare and amaze yourself!

4-5 am

  • From a pessimist will become an optimist. Will easily be able to progress spiritually. The energy to overcome oneself will be great, anger and depression will disappear. Vitality of life will be at a maximum.

5-6 am

  • Will be able to keep good health and vigor of the soul for their entire life. Will most likely be very healthy.

6-7 am

  • Wakes up after the sun and thus does not accept the energy of the sun. Physical and mental health will be much lower, and the energy to overcome oneself will be lower. Acheiving goals will be much harder and one will not finish what they start.

7-8 am

  • They are guaranteed to have much lower physical, psychological, and mental energy throughout their life. The days will be spent in anxiety, restlessness, mental alertness and focus will be low, and feelings of lack of energy will fill the body. The energy to overcome oneself will be much lower.

8-9 am

  • These people are unable to see their negative character traits and generally have bad habits. They will be unlucky, disappointed, and even develop serious illnesses. They will not be able to change much at all in their life. They will be more emotional, touchy, get angry very easily, loose their temper easily, unable to control their emotions etc.


  • Depression, anger, apathy, no will to live, disappointment with their fate, fear, mistrust, suspicion, will believe all negative things they see or hear will happen to them, uncontrollable bad habits, serious illnesses, premature aging.


Source: http://www.xtrememind.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=3861


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