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Henri Monfort is a breatharian and shaman. For 3 months and 3 weeks Henri has lived without drinking water, and over 9 years without eating food. In this text interview learn how Henri understands breatharianism and the Universe.

Without food, man survives more than three months, three weeks without water. You say, that eating nine years. How is this possible?
It should clearly distinguish between hunger and food greetings. That is a big difference. I nourish, but not food. If hunger, exhaust their supplies, and more than four months after you. Many people have a dualistic view of the world. Here am I, and it is the universe. If we feel separated from nature and the universe, soon be exhausted its reserves of miniature. A note food, which I do for a living, nutrition is. It means, that I had stopped eating, But I programmed my cell so, I will not starve, but nourish the cosmic energy.

So although you do not receive physical nourishment, but nehladovíte?
His non-stop around the clock. My cells take out all of prana, what surrounds me.

Do you drink fluids?
I drink water, as well as taking a shower outside, I was brushing water inside. But when I need to leave, so I do not drink or.

How much water do you drink daily?
Today it is such a mouthful.

You need water to survive?
I can survive without water. A man, who does not eat nor drink for seventy years. He is eighty five years. Scientists examined him in hospital (Ahmadabad in the western, Note. Car). It was several months around the clock under the supervision of cameras. Investigated him and magnetic resonance imaging. Found, that really does not eat or drink and has twenty-five male bodies.

You have also undergone a medical examination?
Not. Will not go into the medical system. We have been cases, when people like him were investigated doctors, but it was always swept under the carpet. It did not disclose.

Often using the term prana. What can we expect from him?
This term comes from the Indian Hindu tradition. Taoists say it again CCHI. It’s something, what corresponds to our expression of life energy. If you ask a scientist, explained to you, what is life, will explain all the conditions necessary for the existence of life. But you will not be able to explain, what this life is. As it, from a small seed that grows a twenty tree. Prana is the infinite and limitless energy. It is everywhere. Just take it. It’s free.

Pyear you decided to go to the greetings Nutrition?
It’s been nine years, I started with her. Two years ago I weighed one hundred and twenty pounds. I had health problems. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. Once I came out quite a low stairs, and then one hour was, because I could not catch my breath. That was the moment, when I said, with it that I do something. It’s been eleven years. Over the next two years, I started doing short fasts. So two, three-day. And then I turn two, ate three days. During those two years I have lost weight thirty pounds. And then one day I was visiting a friend, which gave me a book Live from the light from the author Jasmuheen. (Australian, who recovered from breast cancer by, that she stopped eating and went to the nutrition of money, Note. cars.) For one night, I read it. The next day I began to nourish prana. And I never stopped.

As the transition takes place? Perhaps one day you’re not steak and then just prana?
First, you need to prepare. The training lasts one or two years. She is less. But it well.

The farm?
Calmly and meat. Very often people become vegetarians, but it is not necessary. The main thing is to reduce the volume of ingested food. The following small fasts, each, two-day. They must know, how the body reacts, when not receiving food. To a man could go to the nutrition of money, must be consistent body, emotional, intellectual and spiritual component. When you feel ready, process can take place, that lasts for days twenty-one. At its beginning to accept that, what the body knows. We use the neurovegetative system. If a person feels hungry, and it is usually in the afternoon and evening, do you visualize the white light, and imagining, that enter into each cell. To understand the cell, that their food will prana. All five senses to learn another program. And we will bring it, we have from the food. Maybe this flower (taken into the hands of a flower from the table) nourishes me in color. Touch. And when her přičichnu, and their smell. Fragrant food nutrition gives me nose. Sound, music and singing also nourish me. You are like a sponge, then, which is constantly saturated with water. Constantly filled.

So, how do you say, It sounds very simple. Why do people eat?
They are used to it. They say it. It is our belief since the days, when we were completely malincí. This already gives us the faith Mom and Dad, when we say, whether we eat, or that we are sick. And we say doctors. Dieticians say again, you need to eat so and so, but in their advice differs. In our mind is enshrined firm belief, that they must eat, to survive. Agri-food lobby uses this fear, which is rooted, to intoxicated people. To ill. Then, because pharmaceutical companies can treat. Diseases, which are caused by food, They are very interesting. Diabetes, elevated cholesterol. All this is from the food. I, that eighty-five percent of illnesses are caused by food.

It’s not too radical claim?
I do not. When you eat, take advantage of the nutrition your body only fifteen percent. The rest of the waste and toxins. And if people eat too, body can get rid of toxins. Are stored in the joints and muscles and cause wear on the body and immunosuppression. Then come the disease, aging and death. When she quit and you will receive prana, you will receive fifteen percent nutrition, but a hundred. And in you will no more waste and toxins. The system regulates itself and cleans. It gets to the perfect state. Cease to come in the next phase of illness, your body rejuvenates.

How to change your state of health after, you went to prana nourishment?
Incredibly miraculously improved. I was suffering from rheumatism, I did not hold in their hands. I had problems with the spine and herniated hotplates. All this disappeared. My body started to have the ability, like when I was twenty. Until then, I was bald, and then my hair started to grow again. Due to ill liver I had very dry skin, I also improved the, become more flexible. Viklaly my teeth and bleeding gums. It disappeared. And overall, since I, What I do not eat food, already ill.

Apparently too sleep an hour and a half day. It’s true?
When you finish working with food, time, when you need to sleep, is reduced by half. I was really just to sleep an hour and a half day.

That is you have a lot of time. How do you spend?
Year, I have a lot of time, every day I have one extra day to rest. I get every day 100 only 150 e-mailů. Match each person takes a very long. I do it during the night. Because I am a shaman, I care about the distance people, who ask me about it. At nine in the morning had people come to me, taken care of. So it is up to eight or nine at night. Pak’s lehnu.

How do you care about them?
I take care of them with prana, Thus cosmic energy. It has unlimited capacity to heal, what we call a memory cell. If you have a disease, leave your mark on the cellular level. If we do not destroy the track, the disease may return. Man, who has cancer and heal from it, the two, three years to meet recurrent. This is due to memory cell. Prana allows you to erase the cell footprint and establish a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual harmony.

How many people in the world to nourish prana?
Thirty or forty thousand people are so alive for many years. Millions of people have begun this process, got into the transition period jedenadvacetidenního, but let it.

It means, it is not suitable for everyone?
It’s for everyone, but you need to prepare well. First you need to get rid of all fear. You can practice this technique, unless you have absolute confidence in the vitality. You must also get rid of faith, you have to eat. That’s how it is necessary to prepare.

You say to yourself, I am not a guru. That just passing his experience. That anyone nenavádíte. You do not want, to club together people around you?
Accompany different groups of people, who choose to go to the pranic nourishment, in that period of twenty-one days. People ask me, I was with them. After twenty-one days to contact them, however, exiting. And they continue in their lives. I often inform the, what’s new, but everyone can live their reality. It is the way of freedom, which teaches people to be self-sufficient and to which I have no other teacher than herself.

Five years ago you had a son. You have already worked with desire …
I was four years upon request. So my son has half CIT cells. He lives with his mother in Italy and I ride him. Once a month for a week. Then eat and full of energy and health. When his mother, so it, but ill. His mother is a lot of fear and I can not do anything about it.

What do you need to roast aroma? You have no taste for food?
When you smell the roast, it just, because the smell will feed me. I do not eat it but. When I go to a pizzeria or restaurant in a good, just me. It is said, the cooks, when cooking, not at all hungry. There are wine experts, the only wine that smells, a little taste, and are able to identify all its properties. There are people with such a developed sense of smell, they are able to identify all the flowers, from which the perfume to be made. I have no hunger or desire to eat.

But you put coffee. Why?
Can I drink water, Coffee, tea and herbal tea. But no more juice, that’s food. A coffee plant are shamanic.

When you meet with friends and they eat, as it looks?
Usually I’ll have water. I live a normal social life, I go to restaurants, to celebrate. Normally celebrate New Year’s Eve even. And I do not mind at all, that people eat. Rather, they matter, I do not eat that.

You have told me about a restaurant in California, which greetings. How it works?
Year, There are a few people decided to make greeting cards restaurant. People pay her in food and then just breathe and sniff. Food then distributed among the poor.

Do not be so many people in California, living on prana?
Year. She lived there Jasmuheen. It’s been thirty years, What began with greetings nutrition. Affected many people.

The difference between a child in Africa, you will die of hunger, and man, what survives upon request, it is only in the psyche?
Child, who dies of hunger in Africa, hungry. We wish, you do not eat, feeds. If I accept prana, I’ve long since dead. Jasmuheen has offered the United Nations, to learn to wash and nourish people in Africa. It was rejected. So I think, that world hunger is a program and is scheduled.

Source: http://transformace.org/clanky/henri-monfort-rozhovor/?lang=en


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