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On September 17, 2010, P.A. Straubinger, an Austrian film maker, released his new movie In the Beginning There Was Light. This movie teaches us about the human ability to live on light or prana. In recent years, many people around our world have come forward to share with humanity their ability to live without eating food, a practice called inedia, solar nutrition, breatharianism or pranic nourishment. Watch the film’s new trailer here at Sunlightenment.

In the Beginning There Was Light (2010)

Am Anfang war das Licht (original title)

In the Beginning there was Light tells about the phenomenon “light nourishment”, the incredible fact that there are individuals who neither eat nor drink.

You may watch this movie here:

Director: P.A. Straubinger
Release Date: 17 September 2010 (Austria)



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SunYogi said:

on October 26th, 2010

At 27 seconds, we see a close up of Prahlad Jani’s eyes. It is remarkable how large his pubils are. Pupils are not normally dilated this large, except during multi-dimensional or psychadelic experiences.


TravelerLH said:

on October 27th, 2010

I also realized how big the pupil is dilated Pralad jani
I know that taking LSD can be so large pupils, and have large pupils can see better and see things that would not normally see as the prana, aura, chakras,

is a video where you can see very dilated pupils Hira Ratan Manek such as jani Pralad


Brian Bent said:

on October 24th, 2011

Hello guys, I was wondering how one could get hold of this film I can’t find it anywhere on the big world web!!


SunYogi Reply:

You will find links to various websites here:


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