Restructuring Your Own Water with the Actual Sound of the Sun

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David Sereda shows you how to restructure your own water with the actual sound of the Sun. View this amazing photograph of the crystalline structure of water when it is imprinted with the sound of the Sun.

David Sereda - Sound of the Sun water photograph

David Sereda – Sound of the Sun water photograph

*Update: David Sereda has removed the website with the sound of the Sun. Use NASA’s webpage to listen to and download the actual sound of the Sun

Restructuring Your Own Water with the Actual Sound of the Sun

by David Sereda

Learn how to restructure your own water with the actual sound of the Sun.

Pythagoras, in the 6th Century B.C. actually heard and experienced “The Music of the Spheres.” – What did he hear? Is there a harmonic sound to the planet, solar system and the universe?

Is the Hindu Sound of “OM” the true sound of the Sun? Is this the sacred sound that Pythagoras and the ancient yogis heard when going into deep meditation? In the Vedas: AUM is the sound of the Sun, the sound of Light. It is the sound of assent (affirmation) and ascent (it has an upward movement and uplifts the soul, as the sound of the divine eagle or falcon.

“The goal which all the Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which men desire when they lead the life of continence … is “Om.” This syllable ”Om” is indeed Brahman. Whosoever knows this syllable obtains all that he desires. This is the best support; this is the highest support. Whosoever knows this support is adored in the world of Brahma.” ~ The Upanishads.

Restructured water – Why it gets polluted. Even if you purchase restructured water, by the time it is packaged and sits on a shelf, is transported across miles of freeways, it is exposed to consciousness pollution. Water has memory. It retains the consciousness, noise pollution and all that it gets exposed to.

60 Minutes did a study on bottled water. Andy Rooney took some of the bottles to a testing laboratory called Yorktown Environmental Services to see what was in them.

“From all the waters I’ve seen that are bottled waters, and I probably haven’t tested all of them, but they are very much dead water. They have nothing in them. I drink tap water,” says lab owner and water expert Al Padovani.


Water has memory Masaru Emoto’s evidence looking at water crystals exposed to different kinds of music. Classical music co-creates beautiful water structure as opposed to water that is exposed to heavy metal.

Restructuring your own water with the master sound of the sun and why the sound of the sun is superior to all sounds. As the sun is the master of the solar system encoding all of life with its sound and light vibrations, learn how to structure your own water with the actual sound of the sun.

Bottled water has become a $9 billion business. Considering we are drinking dead water, isn’t it about time we restructure it ourselves with the master encoder?

Available on Audio CD or a downloadable .mp3 audio file.

Length: 7.5 Minutes

Format: 1 Audio CD (Includes Shipping World-Wide) – $16.00 US

Format: 1 MP3 Audio File (in a .zip folder) – $7.00 US



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Edward Fenwick said:

on March 13th, 2011

Can you buy a Cd of the sound of the sun


SunYogi Reply:

The website has changed it’s structure. Here is the new link.


Diamond Velji said:

on December 29th, 2014

I would like to purchase OM The sound of the Sun CD, but am unable to open your website. I would appreciate if I am give an link where I can download and Pay for it.
Many regards,


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