Healing With Light: Advanced Medical Technology

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Light has a whole new application within the medical field.  Scientists in Europe and Japan are leading this new medical field with devices that create healing in human DNA and brain cells.  Monochromatic light therapy is one of the new therapies that is shown to effectively heal cancer, tumors, and other diseased tissue.  Perhaps in our near future, light medicine devices will replace other invasive and chemical methods of medical healing.

Healing With Light (Advanced Medical Technology)

By: Matt DeBow

Light is one the most important dynamics for life. Its power and significance is just beginning to be understood. Light is energy our bodies use, its biochemical action effects the metabolic hormones in our bodies. Research has proven that to be healthy we need a certain amount light everyday. There are cases of light deficiency syndrome known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) occurring from the lack of sunlight. Light effects different enzymatic reactions, babies that suffer from jaundice are placed under blue light to help them. As strange as it may seem pure white sun rays are actuality a composite of many colors of light. The rainbow shows us the full range of color that visible to the naked eye. Monochromatic light in scientific terms is light that has been isolated in a single frequency. Mon•o•chro•mat•ic means, literally, one color or the production of a single electromagnetic wavelength.

Light has a whole new application within the medical field. Although the FDA has not approved many of its potential uses, and current approvals are very limited. Europeans and Japanese have not been shy to push forward in this new science. There has been overwhelming success treating brain tumors, esophageal and lung cancers using photodynamic therapy. When a light frequency is separated into a single wavelength it has profound dynamics. One of these known dynamics is its ability to travel vast distances within a single concentrated beam we know as the laser.

It is said that in the mid 1970’s Russians were the first to analyze cellular change to tissue using monochromatic light. A single light wave is essential, because cell tissue will not respond if more than one wavelength is present. Dr. Robert Temple of the FDA has stated that patients with large tumors are left with no other options. PDT (photodynamic therapy) or LLLT (low level light therapy) relieves not only the symptoms but cures the problem. The process is so cost effective and efficient it may have a negative impact on the pharmaceutical industry in the near future.

Scientists have determined that photon energy is absorbed by the DNA, activating it. The DNA then transmits this new energy to the cell walls by means of protein and calcium transfer. Then the cell walls transform themselves into healthy shapes allowing the cell to function again at full capacity. The irradiated tissue increases blood flow helping to carry vitamins and nutrients into the areas where (they are) needed most, with no damage to surrounding tissue. As a result of the increased blood flow toxins and metabolic by-products are taken away from the suffering tissue quickly, thus stimulating damaged and irregular cell tissue into an accelerated healing process. The single waveform light can perform near miracles in curing cancer, disintegrating tumors and repairing damaged tissue. This process can be done without painful surgery. The only known side effect to light therapy is a tendency for patients to sunburn easily, which can be avoided by staying out of direct sunlight for a 4 to 6 weeks after treatment.

NASA uses this technology on their space missions, and the Navy also uses monochromatic light with their special forces and on submarines. In space even a small nick won’t heal. Prolonged weightlessness reduces the body’ ability to repair itself, which leads to health risks in space. There are several biotechnology companies now developing not only devices but photo-active chemicals knows as photosensitizers; photoreactive drugs that assist the light in its healing process.

Bowling Green State University in Ohio has recently developed a Ph. D. program in the photochemical sciences. Most biostimulation devices have not yet been approved by the FDA. It is illegal for manufactures in the U.S. to make claims of any clinical effectiveness. Monochromatic light therapy has been used successfully in treatment of throat cancer, skin, lung and esophageal cancer. It is also good for pain relief, reduced swelling, sports injuries, macular degeneration, tendinitis, burns, herpes, among many other things.

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Maria said:

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This is really great info pack stuffed with great news, and possibilities in the field of recuperation, healing and mind heath. Thanks


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