Jericho Sunfire: A Story of a Breatharian Warrior – ebook

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In 2010, Jericho Sunfire published his first ebook called Jericho Sunfire: A Story of a Breatharian Warrior. In this 66 page ebook, Jericho Sunfire shares his story: his personal journey from a cooked food eater to fruitarian to liquidarian to breatharian and his personal opinions of the body’s ability to live food free. Learn how Jericho Sunfire conquered his mind and body’s addiction to food to reach the a higher state of breatharian health.

Jericho Sunfire: A Story of a Breatharian Warrior

by Jericho Sunfire © 2010

This program discusses the possibility of breatharianism, or living without eating food, and is not a full instruction. For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.

You may not modify, remove, delete, augment, add to, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit any of the Content, in whole or in part. © 2010 Sunfire production. All rights reserved.

This ebook has been shared on with the written permission of the author Jericho Sunfire.  Please honor and respects the rights of the author.

Excerpt from Jericho Sunfire: A Story of a Breatharian Warrior

“Hello there, you may not know me but by the end of this book you will know all about me and my journey. I’m nobody special and I’m not making any claims to be a big time guru of any kind, I’m just some personal trainer dude that changed his lifestyle, got a little active and decided to write a book about his personal journey and what he learnt along the way.

Why write a book about that? Well, I wrote this book to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to regardless of how crazy it seems or how strongly people protest and insist that it cannot be done, plus, over the years supporters and friends have always said I should write a book and naysayers have always demanded to know how I can live the lifestyle I live and I must admit, I’ve been wrestling with the idea for years but never really had the balls to put pen to paper and commit to the thought of being worthy enough to dish out information.

Back in the day the main problem I had to get over about writing this book was not my ability to write but it was me thinking that everybody already knew what I knew and could do what I could do, you see, even in my early days as a self confessed Fruitarian, when everybody else on raw foods was struggling to get out of bed, I was shattering the myths and urban legends that came with fitness on a Fruitarian diet, I hit the floor with my wheels spinning from the get go, I went through the same struggles every other aspiring Fruitarian went through but I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I was a born leader and eventually I ended up as a reluctant trail blazer, I was reluctant because I thought everybody was doing what I was doing and I couldn’t understand all the acclaim and all the questioning, people were putting me up on a pedestal for doing things that I could do with ease and I didn’t like it. I went around for years transitioning through the various dietary levels, training hard and going against everything society held to be true. When I first started out in what still is pretty much a “new age” raw food community, fitness and fruits were definitely not words you would use in the same sentence and Fruitarianism was not a word you would use at all if you had any sense but I will explain all the raw food politics later.

Well, how I came to the decision to go ahead and write this book was funny to me. I stood in a super market one day and as I was waiting in line, I found myself glancing at all the “let’s commit slow suicide” cook books and “read this crap to escape my own life” gossip magazines on offer and as I fought back the chuckles and disbelief, I had a crazy thought that if that crap was flying off the shelves, I really couldn’t do much worst if I wrote some crap of my own, after all who’d be able to tell the difference between one bit of crap from another right, at least my crap could help others to make a positive change, at that point I really started chuckling, I thought, me, write a book and people actually buy it, you got to be crazy.

Then I remembered that over the years I’d been collecting info, insights and opinions for such a time, I’d thought real briefly about writing a book years before but that was even more of a crazy idea back then because I was still getting my butt kicked and transitioning but I put stuff aside anyway just in case I grew some balls one day and decided to share my story with strangers, plus I didn’t want to write a book too early, you know what I mean. I didn’t want to be one of those Fruitarians that writes a book about going changing their diet, then writes another one contradicting the first one two years, I wanted to wait till my journey was nearing its end and all my progress had been made then share my story one time, plus as I was writing this book I realised that I had to do this because with all that went on, it was my therapy.

So many people wanted to know everything about my lifestyle, many would try to befriend me and get me talking about myself so I wanted to write a book that was like just like being in a conversation with me speaking my truth.”

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