Kriya of Surya Namaskar by Yogi Manmoyanand (part 1)

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In his book Sivananda Buried Yoga, Yogi Manmoyanand writes about the secret kriya of surya namaskar and the deeper spiritual science the sun salutation uses to empower to chakras and energy levels of the human body. The information in Sivananda Buried Yoga was taken from Yogi Manmoyanad’s journey in the Himalayan Mountains and residence with a secret group of highly evolved yogis. The spiritual knowledge that Yogi Manmoyanad teaches in his book is difficult to find elsewhere and of great value to any serious spiritual practitioner, sun gazer and yogi.

This post features an excerpt from Sivananda Buried Yoga that teaches the traditional spiritual kriya of surya namaskar in a way that has been lost from modern yoga practice. Learn the purpose and power of the surya namasakar positions, mantras and chakras. Learn how the yoga kriya surya namaskar is designed to help the human body attract, store and use solar energy for its function.

Kriya of Surya Namaskar by Yogi Manmoyanand

Excerpt from Sivananda Buried Yoga
by Yogi Manmoyanand
pages 200-205

Part 1 of 2

Nirupanand taught me the pranayama practices and gave the exact schedule of practices for each and every day. After explaining that kriyas, it was now time to learn and accomplish surya namaskar, the ‘sun salutation’.

Under pre-ashram conditions I would have easily jumped at the mention of Sun salutation. I performed enough of these gymnastics in my early days. Most yoga classes in Rishikesh began the morning asanas with a round of warm-up exercises in a similar manner as bodybuilders entered the gym and do not start pumping iron until they have sufficiently warmed up. A couple of cycles of Surya namaskar would serve as a warm-up tool before proceeding into other exercises. At this point in time, my old notion of asanas was completely shattered, and in its place an entirely new and unshakable knowledge of asanas have been formed. As Nirupanand explained the practice in great scientific detail, all the modern beliefs about surya namaskar slowly began to crumble.

“The human body needs energy for survival. People eat food to provide energy to the body. However if one can provide the required amount of energy to the body without the help of food, then there is no need for food.

Whenever we eat some food depending upon its nature, it takes a certain amount of effort to digest. The body also uses a certain amount of energy in the process. After digestion, the food creates energy in return, and this energy is used by the body for its maintenance and healing. The more you eat or the more frequently you eat, the more the body becomes perpetually entangled in the never ending cycle of food processing, digestion and energy generation.

During the most austere periods of practice, it is always useful to reduce the activity of the stomach considerably. One has to take as little food as possible to make the practice more fruitful.”

He reminded me that the ordinary use of the human body requires ordinary food to eat; but for the extraordinary use of the human body, we need extraordinary fuel. In just the same way as a spaceship cannot rely upon organic fuel in its space missions, the human body cannot take normal organic food for its kriya of macrocosmic velocity. A station derives its energy from small reserves as well as solar power. Very similarly, the energy requirement of a Yogi comes to the practice of surya namaskar. A yogi practicing surya namasakr does not need any other food for survival.

Source: Sivananda Buried Yoga


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