Light Metabolism book excerpt

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In her book Foodwise: Understanding what We Eat and how it Affects Us, Wendy Cook explains how the human body metabolizes sun light using magnesium to bring light into substance and iron to release light back to energy.  Hemoglobin, found in human blood, is show to be similar to cholorphyll in plants.

Light Metabolism

by Wendy Cook

Although it is known in clinical practice and research that metabolism processes have a clear relationship to light, metabolism of light is infrequently dealt with as such and then only on a caloric basis. Nevertheless, without light we would not have living substance and we would not be healthy. Fairly recently a disorder was identified – SAD or Seasonally Affective Disorder – in which susceptible people become depressed as the days get shorter. The nutrient of sunlight directly affects us in many energizing ways since light is the least dense form of prana – life force – in our universe and is all-pervading. Every living this is combustible, allowing life-energy to be freed once again in heat and light.

Both the skin and the eye receive light. Through the eye light is conducted as impulses to the visual cortex and also to the centre of the autonomic nervous system. From there it travels to the pineal gland where the neural hormone melatonin is produced – important for affecting our sleep-life and to calm us down. The nerve receptors in the eye translate the full spectrum of light with all the colours of the rainbow into optic nerve impulses which conduct it to the various brain-centers (pineal and pituitary glands and the rest of the endocrine system, called by the Hindus the chakra system). Light from each of the different bands of the spectrum has a different healing effect. This is one of the reasons why color is so important in food and cooking.

Light is especially important for anabolic or upbuilding processes governed by the etheric body. The manufacture of vitamin D is a sunlight process. Dr Husemann explains:

The metamorphosis of life to an ‘inner light’ process which is the ultimate basis for thought occurs via the agency of iron. Magnesium internalizes the light and brings it into substance, whereas iron again releases the light from a substance through its capacity for spark formations. There is nothing to compare with iron in carrying light into darkness. Thus the complimentary reactions with light in plant and human can be summed up by saying that the affinity of chlorophyll and hemoglobin for light is their porphyrin component. Without this, light could not connect itself with a substance. In contrast, the metal determines the directions in which the light is active.


Source: Foodwise By Wendy E. Cook,  pages 125-126,


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tltandr said:

on October 12th, 2009

Biophoton from the sun going through our eyes by SUNGAZING after SUNRISE but NOT EXCEEDIMG 7 a.m. and INDIRECT SUNLIGHT during daytime. After touching our retina, Biophoton is sent by way the retino-pineal pathway ACTIVATES DNA IN THE PINEALGLAND producing hormones that beneficial for the whole body and vitamin D is prodused too.
no sunglasses,no contactlenses

DR TAN tjiauw liat


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