Outer and Inner Sun Meditations

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“We meditate upon the supreme effulgence of the Divine Creative Sun, that she may give impulse to our intelligence.” Wendell E. Wilkinson provides two meditations to connect more strongly to the powerful energy of the Sun – allowing the infinite intelligence of the Sun to illuminate your mind and heart.

Sun Meditations

Outer Sun Meditation

by Wendell E. Wilkinson

The night before don’t eat too much and try to get to sleep by about 11 PM. Find out when the Sun is coming up and set your alarm for about an hour before that. Keep your mind free of worries and arrange things so you will have no distractions or interruptions.

Don’t eat before the Sun meditation except for perhaps fruit juice. This way your mind will be clearer and open to the spiritual energies of the Sun. Wash and put on clean clothes. If these basic preliminaries sound strange then keep in mind that ancient peoples went through elaborate rituals to get themselves in the proper state of mind. You are of course free to invent your own more elaborate rituals if you want to or feel that you need to.

Find a nice place outside that faces the direction the Sun will rise. You should be at that place at least 15 minutes before the first ray of light appears. This way you have time to calm and focus yourself. Also, you will get to see the entire transformation from darkness to light. This short extract from the ancient Hindu scripture, The Rig Veda illustrates the frame of mind you are to strive for as you watch the sun come up:

“We meditate upon the supreme effulgence of the Divine Creative Sun, that she may give impulse to our intelligence.”

You may want to think of the Sun as the eye of God or that behind it or within it is the light of all lights, The Divine Mother Light. The American Indian faces the rising Sun standing and with his arms raised in greeting. The Ancient Egyptians cupped their hands to catch and absorb the Divine Rays. Try to imagine the infinite intelligence of the Sun illuminating your mind and heart.

Inner Sun Meditation

You can do this at anytime, separate from the outer Sun worship, or you at times may want to experiment in combining the two. Imagine a Sun in the center of your chest. Feel this Sun glowing with more energy and light with every breath. Feel down into that place in your central core and have that be your main focus. Find that feeling with fire and love. Feel that the light and love from your inner Sun is radiating equally in all directions. Just as the light of all lights, The Divine Mother Light, is the source of the outer Sun’s light and consciousness, so is she the source of your inner Sun and consciousness.

She is the Cosmic Light of intelligence that manifests the harmony in the universe. We are a ray of this Sun. Harmonize with this light of love and unity. Thus are we the light of the world. Thus are we the blessing power of The Divine Light. Become one with the pure, divine energies. This awareness can become our spiritual nourishment.

Some call this Solar Yoga. This knowledge has still been preserved in India and in the west in modern times by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. But I consider this knowledge to be beyond any doctrine or country. It is the most ancient knowledge of all. This path has been revived in our 20th century and now into the dawn of the 21st century. Some think that Christianity grew out of a solar cult. These basic ideas may represent the source of all religions. But the Sun of God was primal unity. It is only afterwards that divisive cults and religions are invented by human beings. How sad The Divine Mother of all lights must be at that.

©2001 W. Wilkinson

Source: http://www.sakara.net/meditations.html


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