Rejuvenate With Kundalini Mantra Yoga – Third Eye Chakra

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This book excerpt from Rejuvenate With Kundalini Mantra Yoga by L R Chowdhry teaches how the Third Eye integrates and then diffracts the white light into seven color Prana. These seven color Prana are then sent to the seven Chakras where the prana is used to supply the body with energy.

Rejuvenate With Kundalini Mantra Yoga

By L R Chowdhry

The Third Eye Chakra

This Third Eye Chakra is the charioteer of our Being. This is also called Shiv-netra – the Eye of Lord Shiva. Also it is named as the Single Eye of Lord Jesus who said, “If Thine Eye be Single, Yee shall be full of light.”

This divine Third Eye Chakra is located below the midpoint of the two eyebrows and it is at the Third Eye where the images from the two eyes are integrated to give Third dimension to the image and then optic images are deposited at the two optic cortex on the back of the head.

It is the Third Eye which integrates and then also diffracts the white light into seven color Prana – i.e. the violet color prana is absorbed by the forehead chakra, while the indigo color prana is absorbed by the Brow/Ajan chakra, while the remaining five colors of sunlight are mediated to the Spleen Chakra which distributes: (i) the red color prana to Muladhara chakra (ii) the orange color prana to Swadhisthana Chakra (iii) the yellow color prana to the Naval Chakra (iv) the green color prana to the Heart Chakra and the blue color prana to Vishudha Chakra. This is why, I have called the Third Eye as the charioteer of our body/brain system because it is the third eye which feeds the seven color rearing Prana from Sun rays to vivify all the chakras of our total being.

We usually stimulate the third eye by focusing our consciousness at the Trikut – the center of two eyebrows and inhale through this Third Eye center by closing our two eyes. However, we can invoke this Third Eye and speed up the process by using the seed word of the Third Eye which his Aunkh. For this:

Inhale with: AUNKH – AUNKH – AUNKH – AUNKH

Exhale with: AINKH – AINKH – AINKH – AINKH

Arrow your consciousness at the Trikut, while inhaling, exhaling silently with the above mantra. Do it for 10 minutes daily both morning and evening and a day will come when you will see the sparkle of white light at the Third Eye, besides feeling the flow of bliss currents at the Third Eye. This is the beginning of the development of the Third Eye to achieve the capability of intuition and foreseeing the future. Let us remember that Third Eye is the Divine Eye which yolks us with the Supreme Brahman. However, the immediate benefits of stimulating the Third Eye accrues to us in strengthening the eyesight and removal of spectacles in combination with balanced nutrition of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats in their appropriate proportions, this is a must these days, because we are over stressing our eyes in so many ways.

Our eyes Third Eye is sensitive to white light but our eyes are most sensitive to green color prana hence Third Eye is more akin to heart.

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