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Sun-charged Water Instructions

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Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) speaks of the benefits of using sun-charged water.  Follow these simple instructions to make your own sun-charged drink.

To sun-charge water, place fresh drinkable water into a clear glass container.  The maximum recommended container size is one gallon.  Using smaller and/or broader containers provide more surface area for the sunlight to directly contact, thus quickening the charging process.

Cover the clear glass container with a clear glass lid.  Do not use plastic, since plastic has been found to leech harmful chemicals into liquid and air.

Place the container in direct sunlight, outside on bare earth.  Do not place the container on grass, since grass will prevent charging.  If bare earth is not availble, choose a suitable material other than grass (sand, rock, cement, etc). 

Leave the container outside for a minimum of 5 hours.  Depending on the season and planetary location, a container of water will be fully sun-charged between 5 and 8 hours.  Leaving the container in the direct sunlight longer than 8 hours will not harm it.

Do not leave the container of water outside over night.  Doing so will quickly drain the water of its charge.  In addition, no studies have been done to measure the effects of moon-charged water.  Moon-charging water is not recommended, since the moon produces no light of its own and has been shown to adversly affect some humans (lunacy).

Drink the sun-charged water immediatly after it has been fully charged.  Sun-charged water may be stored for up to 24 hours.  After which time, it should be re-charged in the sunlight.  There is no need to refrigerate this water.  Science has shown that room-temperature drinking water is the most beneficial temperature.

In addition to drinking sun-charged water, this water can be applied directly to the skin through self-massage, soaks, or compresses.  Sun-charged water is also helpful when used as an eye-wash.


  • Always have a container of water being sun-charged outside.  This will allow for a continuous supply of sun-charged water ready for use.
  • During winter months, to avoid freezing and cracking the glass containers, place the container inside the home on a windowsill that gathers the most direct sunlight.
  • Use sun-charged water for house plants and pets.
  • Avoid the use of colored glass containers.  At this time, color therapy has not effectively standardized the relationships between different colors and localized areas of the human body.  It is safest to use clear glass that gathers white light, itself containing all the colors in the rainbow. 
  1. Avoid the use of colored glass containers.  At this time, color therapy has not effectively standardized the relationships between different colors and localized areas of the human body.  It is safest to use clear glass that gathers white light, itself containing all the colors in the rainbow. 
Source: Sun Yogi at sunlightenment.com


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indujayaprakash said:

on August 22nd, 2012

what if the continuity of sun gazing is interrupted by the weather changes. is there any negative effect if discontinued for a shorter period or need to recharge?


SunYogi Reply:

There are no negative effects to short breaks in sun gazing. However if a person is not sun gazing, then he/she is not gaining the positive benefits.

If the weather (clouds) interrupt your sun gazing, then simply gaze the same amount of time the next time you sun gaze. Only add time when you can successfully gazed for the full amount of time that day.

For sun-charging water, you can leave the container outside all day. It will collect sunlight energy throughout the day. Passing clouds are not an issue to be concerned about.


White buffalo said:

on November 4th, 2013

How much charging occurs when a container is left out in the open for 8hours on a mostly overcast day ?


SunYogi Reply:

A bottle of water can be fully charged in as little as 4 or 5 hours – depending on the strength of the sun. On a fully overcast day, 8 hours of partial sun may give 1/4 to 2/3 a full charge. It depends on the amount of sunlight still shining through the clouds.


White buffalo Reply:

Thank you so much.


Hj said:

on December 17th, 2013

What is the exact meaning of charging? What changes occurs in the water and how it helps for healthy living?


SunYogi Reply:

Good question Hj. According to nearly every ancient culture, religion and spiritual tradition there exists life force energy. In India it is called prana or kundalini; in China qi (pronounced chi); in Japan, ki; in France, élan vital; in Greece, menos, in Christianity, spirit. There exist many more names in different cultures. Life force energy exists in everything. In the Sunlight, this energy is very strong. It is the sunlight that allows the Earth to produce lifeforms. Sunlight gives us life as well.

To suncharge water, we place water into the direct sunlight, using clear glass containers. In ancient times, this basic understanding was simple enough. However in modern times we understand it to be: the life force energy from the sun (in a form named photons) is captured inside the water molecules (as free electrons). This gives the water more atomic energy, which is then transferred to our bodies when we drink it. The result is more life force energy and electrons for our cells and atoms to use.

This may sound a bit far-fetched for some, but it is only because they don’t understand physics, chemistry or the ancient material sciences. You can read this article by Dr Johanna Budwig, a 6-time Noble Prize nominee for her research on sunlight to cure cancer and all health diseases. “The Fats Syndrome & Photons as Solar Energy“. This article is also highly informative: “Light, Eating the Wild Electron“.

Many of the articles on Sunlightenment are based on this scientific understanding. We are all physically created and sustained by the Sunlight. By increasing the amount of sunlight energy in our bodies, we increase our health and extend our lifetimes.

Please continue to enjoy my website. I wish you the best in your life. Shine on!


Sandeep from INDIA said:

on January 14th, 2014

hiiii ..please tell me ..what is negtive fact of other colourfull bottel when we use for this process…tell me please give compelet information …


SunYogi Reply:

It is best to work with natural sunlight in clear glass bottles. The clear glass allows the original white light of the sun to be stored in the water. White light has all 7 colors in it, so the body will receive a balanced amount of all color energies. This is the most intelligent and safest method.


Oazes said:

on March 31st, 2014

In regards to sungazing and suncharging water, what is the the significance of being on the bare earth opposed to sand/rocks etc..How much of a difference does it make when one is standing or places the water container on bare earth opposd to sand or rock? And one more question. What would happen if one chooses to continue to sungaze passed the 45 minute limit? Like what would happen if they sungazed longer? And it is said that after the 45 minute limit one is supposed to walk on bare earth everyday, what if they continued to sungaze for 45 minutes without going past the limit? Thank you for your time and efforts!


jsen said:

on April 4th, 2014

i have head rumors that sungazing with certain stones helps increase effects of gazing or putting said stones in water while charging increases effects, i was wondering if that was true and how it is done, also what stones to use, how they are to be held and so on. i am trying to get the absolute maximum experience of enlightenment out of these trials so if you have any other techniques send me an email :)


SunYogi Reply:

Hira Ratan Manek and Sunyogi Umashankar, the world’s two most well known sun gazers do not teach to use stones or crystals while sun gazing or drinking sun charged water. Crystal and certain stones will hold the sun’s energy, however it is not necessary to use them while you charge your own body with sunlight energy.

There are numerous techniques a person can add to sungazing.

1) I recommend using the OM (AUM) mantra while sungazing because OM (AUM) is the vibrational sound of the sun. http://sunlightenment.com/?s=aum

2) I also recommend placing your awareness on your Heart energy (Spiritual Heart) while sun gazing because the external Sun is related to the internal Sun in our Hearts. It is here in the Spiritual Heart where the personal consciousness experiences the Light of Consciousness, enlightenment. http://sunlightenment.com/?s=heart

3) Some people also perform Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) to honor the Sun and bring more energy into all of the chakras. http://sunlightenment.com/?s=surya+namaskara

4) Practicing the Gayatri Mantra is another practice. http://sunlightenment.com/?s=gayatri


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