Sunyogi Umashankar announces his 2012 Europe Tour schedule

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After a very successful first-ever event in Europe last September, Sunyogi Umashankar will return to multiple European countries to teach the ancient science of sun yoga – a synthesis of sun gazing, deep meditation, acupressure, and more. See the schedule of events here.

Sunyogi Umasankar is an Indian yogi who has mastered the practice of sunyoga, a means of connecting to the divine, or supreme soul, through direct contact with the sun.

Sunyogi has led an extraordinary life; he spent six years walking around the subcontinent with no money or possessions and has lived for long periods without eating any food, deriving all his energy directly from the sun. Recently he has completed a two year retreat high in the Himalayas and has returned to the world to continue teaching sunyoga and spread his message of Universal Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

This small website is intended to help Sunyogi share some of his teachings and to advertise the various conferences and lectures that he organises throughout the year.

Sunyogi in Europe autuum 2012:

Sunyogi will be visiting Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia and eventually Macedonia to conduct Sunyoga beginners and two advanced courses, so you have a chance to meet and learn from him. Please visit the info-pages for details and booking options.

Serbia | 17th – 19th August
Spain | 31th august – 2nd September
France | 7th – 9th September
Germany | 14th – 16th September
Austria | 21th – 23rd September
Switzerland | 28th – 30th September

Serbia | 22nd – 26th August

To learn more about the events and to register, click here.

Sunyoga Testimonial Video

Currently only available in german language, soon wirth english subtitle:



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