The Role of Natural Sunlight and Radiation

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PurLife Health & Research published an article sharing scientific research studies that show the ability of sunlight to regulate hormone growth to reduce mental illness and prevent disease, eliminate leukemia by improving gland health, and reverse tumor growth with proper full spectrum sunlight exposure.

The Role of Natural Sunlight and Radiation

Dr Joseph Meites, an endocrinologist at Michigan State University. Dr Meites said that light entering the eyes causes nerve impulses which influence the lower brain and pituitary gland and trigger a release of various hormones. He further stated: “We have no idea how many diseases are linked with hormone problems, but we do know that several diseases such as diabetes, infertility, cancer and thyroid disorders are involved with hormone imbalance”.

In view of Dr Ott’s specific reference to the role of natural light associated with leukemia in school children, some positive attention should be directed at the effect of natural light and its influence on the pineal and other endocrine glands.

An interesting article on the pineal gland in the Scientific Australian, March 1980, described some of the gland’s functions, but only touched upon its dependence on light. It stated significantly the association of melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, with a person’s mood. In proper amounts, melatonin induces the feeling of comfort and wellbeing, and it has been suggested that the hormone could well be used as an alternative to currently used anti-anxiety drugs. This information derives from experiments performed by Dr R. F. Seamark of Adelaide University in collaboration with Professor Maurice King of Newcastle University.

Bearing in mind the clearly established relationship between anxiety and stress with the onset of cancer, straight away it can be seen where a link may exist between lack of natural light and the onset of cancer. Specifically, the ultraviolet spectrum of natural light, by its effect on the retina of the eye, activates the pineal gland to produce melatonin which is an anti-stress hormone and therefore an anti-cancer influence.

Additionally, and possibly more important, is the direct effect of sunlight radiation on lowering blood fat and cholesterol levels and detoxifying the blood as described in Chapter 18.

Dr Ott’s third book, Light, Radiation and You (1982), describes the specific effects of different wavelengths of light and other forms of radiation energy on increasing and decreasing the incidence and growth of cancer, both in humans and in laboratory animals. A recent report of Dr Ott’s work, in the Merced Sun-Star (Feb 2, 1983) described the experience of Helen Fleming, director of the Merced (California) College radiologic technology program, whose tumors disappeared when she moved to the country and got lots of sunshine. The tumors reappeared when she returned to work but regressed again when the lights in her office and home were changed to a type recommended by Dr Ott.

Also described in Chapter 18 is the adverse effect of various other fluorescent lights. Lancet, August 7, 1982, described an Australian study which sought the reason for the doubling of melanoma incidence in the past 30 years. The study of 274 women patients revealed a correlation between office fluorescent lighting and a 250% increase in melanoma risk. Data on 27 male patients showed a 440% increase in risk over 10 years of exposure. The types of fluorescent lights involved were not specified* and there is conjecture on which light wavelengths could be implicated.

*They were not the full-spectrum lights as recommended by Dr Ott, because these were unprocurable in Australia at this time.

It should be remembered that ordinary window glass, spectacles and car windows etc., filter out ultraviolet light, and so to gain benefit from natural sunlight a person must spend some time outdoors without glasses. An alternative is the use of fluorescent lights which emit ultraviolet light.

Whereas doctors recommend people to shield themselves against sunlight to reduce their risk of skin cancer, it should be clearly understood that skin damage by sunshine is not the real cause of cancer but only a secondary or “trigger” factor.




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