The Significance of the Sun by Master Peter Deunov

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Peter Deunov, the master teacher of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, teaches in this article the spiritual significance of the sun and how the human body can absorb and use the sun’s spiritual energy for enlightenment.

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria.” -Albert Einstein

The Significance of the Sun. Sunrays’ cure.

Our Sun gets its energy from the Central Sun of our visible Universe, the greatest part of this energy being absorbed by our Sun and a comparatively small part of it reaching the planets. The energy, which the Earth gets from the Sun, is considerably transformed. Penetrating the Earth layers this energy absorbs from them all the nourishing elements and there are left only those that could not be used. Thus transformed this energy is no longer useful to the development, that is why it is sent back in the space and thence by some known means back to the Sun. The Sun transmits it in its turn to the Central Sun for further processing for it to acquire its initial rhythm.

The Sun energy descends toward the Earth under the shape of a big stream and envelopes it from the North pole to the South one. When the plants detect the presence of this energy and its swelling towards the Earth, they begin to put forth leaves and then flourish and knit, trying to gather all this energy and to fructify themselves.

We have to consider the following rule: we are a part of the earth system and when the latter absorbs the energy, the human system absorbs it too, and vice versa. That is why the first sun rays are the most active. Then the human system is most receptive towards the sun energy. There is always more prana or vital energy in the morning than at noon. At this time the system absorbs the biggest quantity and the most powerful positive energy.

As a physical being, man has to do exercises – nothing more. He has to get up early in the morning, to go for a walk and breathe fresh air, to greet the first sun rays. He could stay as long as he wish in the sunrays at noon, it would be of no use to him.

The sunrays do not act in the same way during all seasons. The earth (in a given place) in the beginning of the spring is mostly negative, and it mainly absorbs energy. That is why in spring the sunrays possess the strongest healing effect. From March 22-nd onwards the earth gradually becomes positive. In summer it is positive and absorbs a smaller quantity of energy. The summer sunrays operate an influence too, but they have a weaker effect.

In spring and summer there is a high tide of energy towards the earth and in autumn and winter – there is a low tide. For this reason the most favourable effect of the sun begins after March 22-nd. In spring and summer, after March 22-nd each year, it is recommended for one to go to bed and to get up early and to welcome the Sun in order to gather one’s share of its energy, like the bees, which gather nectar from the flowers. Every one has to make experiments for years to become convinced in this truth.

Each day the sun energy has 4 periods: from midnight to noon there is a high tide of energy and from noon to midnight there is a low tide. The high tide comes to its maximum at sunrise. This high tide is the most powerful and invigorating. It gradually diminishes until noon. Then the low tide begins, which is most powerful at sunset.

The most negative the Earth is, the greater its capacity of absorbing the positive sun energy is, and vice versa. From midnight to noon the earth (at a given place) is negative and absorbs more energy, from noon to midnight it is positive and radiates more energy. From midnight the earth begins to radiate negative energy in the space and absorbs positive energy from the sun. In the afternoon the earth radiates in the space positive energy and gradually becomes negative. At sunrise, early in the morning, the earth is most negative, i.e. it absorbs the biggest quantity of energy. This fact is of great importance to estimate the significance of the sunrise.

One of the hardest questions is whether you can control your energy. It comes from the Centre of the Earth, it is going along the backbone and as a large stream it penetrates the central brain system. The contemporary world has lost his control over this stream. There is another stream, which comes from the Sun. It goes in the opposite direction – from the brain to the sympathetic system or to the stomach. Before sunrise the rays that are refracted by the atmosphere operate a greater influence on the brain. At sunrise the sunrays that are coming in a straight line are influencing the respiratory organs and our sensibility. With the approach of noon the same rays influence our digestive system. That is why the healing effect of the sun energy is different: before sunrise – to stimulate the brain nervous system, from 9 to 12 – to strengthen the stomach. In the afternoon, generally the sunrays possess an insignificant healing effect. The reason for such a difference lay in the different absorption capacity of the Earth and of the human system.

The sunrays are most healing in the morning from 8 to 9 o’clock. At noon they are too strong and are not good to the human system. The early sunrays are very good to anaemic people. You can expose all your body in the sunrays. You should do sunbaths in the morning – from 8 to 10. They have a good influence on the backbone, the lungs and the brain. The brain is like a pile. When this pile begins absorbing, if the charging with sun energy is correct, later it transmits this energy towards all parts of the human body and this energy begins healing.

The more energy you absorb in your body, the greater softness and magnetism you will develop. When studying the influence of light you will notice that there are hours during the daytime when the Sun sends to the earth beneficial rays, mainly in the morning up to noon. And there are hours when the sunrays do not operate a healing effect on the organisms. These are the so-called black or negative rays. One can expose his body in the sunrays all day long but his spirit needs to be concentrated and positive so as to absorb only the positive sunrays. You should concentrate and watch not to fall asleep. Along with the black, negative waves from the Sun, some waves of the earth are coming too, that are harmful to the human system.

Until you learn the rules of enclosing in order to protect yourself from these waves, it is recommended for you to stay in the sun during the early hours of the day, up to noon at latest. You must protect yourself from the sunrays in the afternoon. When you want to take a cure with sunrays the best hours are from 8 to 10 in the morning.

The energy that comes from the Sun brings with it a store of life forces, of healing energy. If one wants to use reasonably this sun energy, he must stay with his back in the early sunrays, even before the sunrise. The energy that he can absorb during this time is equal to that which one would absorb if he should stay in the sun all day long. Even in a cloudy weather you can go for a walk before the sunrise and to concentrate your thoughts towards the rising Sun. The clouds only prevent you from seeing the Sun, but its vital energy passes through. There is no outer power that could counteract to the sun energy. That is why I recommend to all anaemic and lean people to go out for half an hour before sunrise in any weather, in order to absorb the early sun energy. The daybreak gives one such energy that no other power is able to give him.

Stay with your back turned towards the Sun no matter whether you are in good or bad mood and observe what would be the effect in the first and in the second case. Moreover, one should know in what hours of the day to stay in the sunrays in order to absorb its beneficial rays.

When one has to stay in the sun all day long, to protect himself from the harmful sunrays he should wear a hat with the form of polygon to refract the harmful sunrays.

If you can endure staying in the sun from the morning to noon you are in good health. But if you can not endure staying for a long-time in the sun, you are not in good health.

When you want to take a cure, stay with your back turned towards the early sunrays. When you want to have peace of mind, stay with your back turned to the sunset.

I have often said that one must talk with the light. If your back is aching, turn it towards the sunrays, expose it to the light, think about it, about what it contains, and your ache will disappear.

The best months to renovation are from March 22-nd onwards, during the whole month of April, to June 22-nd.

The sunbaths in the mountain are to prefer because the astral cloud of thoughts that envelops the city does not disturb the rhythm of the sunrays.

Many diseases could be healed with sun energy. Moreover, it is proved that for each disease there is a favorable time to be healed. Some diseases could be cured with more effect in May, others in June, and so on, during all the year.

I recommend you to go out in the sunrays every morning, turning your back first to the East, then for a while to the North, then to the East again, and staying in this position for an hour, from 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning. Turn your thoughts toward God and say: “My Lord, open my mind. Give health to all people and to me too.” Then begin thinking about the most beautiful things you have ever seen. Make this experience during all the year. You will see that in 99% your experiment will be successful. When making sunbaths, your conscience has to be concentrated, you should not think about other things. You can use the following formula which to pronounce often during your sunbaths. “Lord, thank you for your sacred energy of Divine life, which you send us with the sunrays. I feel can it to penetrate all my organs and to bring everywhere power, life and health. It is the expression of Divine love towards us. Thank you.”

To be healed, a neurasthenic has to go out early in the morning, during the sunrise and to turn his back to the East. That who is healthy and does so will strengthen his nervous system.

The tuberculosis is cured with pure air and sunrays, too. The diseased have to stay with their back and then with their chest turned to the sunrays for at least 1-2 or 3-4 months, and they will see what a change the sun will produce in their system. During this time they have to concentrate their mind. They have to repeat periodically the formula: “My lord, help me to accomplish your will and to serve you.”

If you have eczema, a hair loss, rheumatism of the joints or some swelling of the abdomen, you have to build a veranda or a balcony facing the sun and closed with glass panes. Then undress your shirt and stay naked to the waist, lay on a bed with your head turned to the North and your legs to the South and turn your chest towards the sunrays, protecting your head from them. Stay in this position for half an hour, then turn your back towards the sun for half an hour, then the chest again, and the back again etc. until you begin to perspire strongly. If you make 20-30-40 sunbaths of this sort you will be healed of everything – eczema, loss of hair, rheumatism, everything will disappear.

When you are making sunbaths it is recommended to dress yourself in white or light green clothes – these colours are good. The most important thing is the perspiration. If you are in the open air envelop yourself in a thin waterproof. When curing yourself this way you have to concentrate your thoughts in order to heal yourself directly from nature.

The sunburn acquired from the sunrays shows that the sun has extracted from one’s system all sediments, all the dirt and all the dense matter. If one doesn’t take sunburn it means that this matter remains in his system and provokes a number of diseases. If you take sunburn in the sunrays it means that you have accumulated their energy.

About Master Peter Deunov

The Master Peter Deunov is amongst the most famous personalities in Bulgarian history and spiritual culture. The principal subjects in his lectures and talks are: man’s place and role in the Universe, in Nature and Society, the spiritual understanding of Culture, Ethics, Psychology, Medicine, Music etc. Master Peter Deunov taught exercises for breathing, meditation and concentration. He founded the Paneurythmics, which is played nowadays in USA, Canada, France, Russia, Kongo and other countries in the world.



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geejay said:

on April 12th, 2009

Thank you so very much for finding and publishing this information. The Einstein quotation captured me. The necessity of morning sungazing/sunbathing to heal is essential information for those of us just now beginning the exercise.

It’s exciting to find my old favorites in your tags and bookmarks. How about adding Edgar Cayce?


sunstar said:

on April 27th, 2009

Thank you for all this helpful information. Do you have any information concerning symbols radiating from the Sun itself.


SunYogi Reply:

The only information that I have posted at this time is about the different symbols attributed to the Sun itself. These symbols come from different cultures around the world. Search the word “symbol” at the top search bar or click the “symbol” keyword on the right toolbar. Many blessings.


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