Meeting with the Guru who neither eats nor drinks – Prahlad Jani

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In recent years, Prahlad Jani of India has shocked the scientific community. Prahlad Jani has the unique ability to live without the need for food nor water. He claims to have lived for over 60 years without any form of physical nourishment. Prahlad Jani claims that he gets his energy from his brain – an ancient yoga technique called amrita.

Meeting with the Guru who neither eats nor drinks – Prahlad Jani

At first glance, two things catch the eye, the view that a woman’s dress, imitating that worships the goddess and her clothes are so new and wonderful. Comes Gujarati translator and moved to a bedroom. It seems that running instead of walking, has an extraordinary agility. He sits in bed and starts the interview. It is not the first time. His story is preceded by the attention of publications like Time, have echoed his amazing mystical feats.

Update 21 May 2014: Prahlad Jani is featured in the film In the Beginning There Was Light.  Watch the entire film here.

QUESTION .- You say that many years ago that does not eat or drink. Why do the left?

ANSWER .- For 11 years I saw the figure of the goddess [meaning Durga, also called Matajee]. I had the language [the language is playing with two fingers] and since that day I do not need to eat or drink.

Q. – A person who does not eat or drink for a long time, it dies. Are you still living why not eat any food?

A. – The goddess touched me the language. The energy I get here [touches head].

The test began on November 12. Doctors who detained him 10 days in the Sterling Hospital under strict medical surveillance and explain that endured without eating and drinking during that time. This fact does not cause any impressions. In India it is common among long fasting hermits or gurus. What impresses them most is that there is no urine. “You can not hold fluids or solids, but if a person does not eject urine for three days or more, kidney disease,” says Dhruv Urmana doctor, dietitian and secretary of the Association of Physicians of Ahmedabad, a group that acted as witness and participate in this scientific experiment.

Dhruv says that the doctor found formation of urine, and that seems to have been absorbed by the walls of your bladder. “We found no scientific explanation to this fact, we invited experts from around the world to contribute their knowledge,” stresses Dr. Shah in his office in the Sterling Hospital.

They also found small traces of faeces in the large intestine, but they said, could be formed by the secretions of the digestive system. This is also unusual from a medical point of view, it would not lead to the finding that the guru will take decades without eating. “We do not support the theory that this man has gone 60 years without eating or drinking. The only certainty is that we present the results of these 10 days and found no scientific explanation of how your metabolism.

He agreed, only asked for a glass of water to rinse the mouth every dau . The  fluid was measured before and after the operation to be sure not to swallow or a drop.

Andalusia andalusia finally arrive, we measured the pulsations.

Counted only 55, a mark reserved for top athletes, unthinkable for a man of 76 years who has spent a week of fasting. The doctors arrived with 100 clicks.

Q. – Are you still seeing the goddess Matajee?

A. – Yes, I see three or four times a month when meditating. Me asked to make a wish, but I did not ask anything [here his friend reminds him that he was silent for many years, it has]. For years I did not talk, I began to speak again five years ago because I realized that my tongue was dwindling due to lack of exercise.

Q. – Do you know who is ruling India, who is in charge?

A. – No, I’m not interested in politics.

Q. – Do you know who is Mahatma Gandhi? [born in the same region and died when he was a child].

A. – I do not know what is happening in the world, I only know the woods.

Q. – But when it comes to this house sleeps in this bed [double bed, new and comfortable] . Do not sleep here prefer to do it in a cave?

A. – I prefer to sleep in the cave, but I do not mind doing here.

Q. – What do you think of all the media attention that there are around you?

A. – Not interested.

Q. – Some people think that their whole story is invented, and you say all this to make a profit, to earn money. What would you answer?

A. – Many people come to me because it has miseries and sorrows. Give me money, but at the end of the day is delivered to the church or the poor [in this point, it tells the translator that is getting late and you have things to do].

Q. – Let me make one last question. What was your favorite meal, which recalls the taste of food?

A. – I do not remember anything, I do not know what I like.

* English translation made by Google


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choopixie said:

on May 24th, 2009

Amazing read. What a feat that he could live without food for so long!


Daniel Muhammad said:

on February 6th, 2010

for those ‘haters’, it’s really the science of life because atoms are the fundamental building block of all matter & atoms do not eat food nor make waste; that’s nature. We are just so removed from nature & man has fallen so low that it sounds unbelievable. that’s why the great ancient civizations are so mysterious.


sunil said:

on July 7th, 2016

Dear Sir
kindly provide me with Param Pujya Sh. Prahlad Jani’s telephone/mob. no. and contact address as I want to have his darshan. i am from New Delhi
Mob. 9910864766

Thanks & Regards


girish kumar said:

on May 19th, 2018

I like somebody to share as to how can I meet mataji. I like to know when and where he can be found. I read he lives ia cave and somebody said he lives in Ambaji temple in Gujrat near himmatnagar. Please help me with his address


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