Sun Yoga Workshop with Umasankar in Germany – Sept 23-25, 2011

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This September 2011, world famous Sunyogi Umasankar will be presenting his first ever workshop in Germany.  Learn the ancient 13 step Sun Yoga process as taught by Sunyogi Umashankar.  Learn how you can gather more sun energy into your body better health, spiritual purification, and immortality.

Sun Yoga Workshop with Umasankar in Germany

(text translated from German to English using Google Translate)

Swami UmasankarFor the first time in Germany! The world famous Sunyogi Umasankar Sunyoga from India is a workshop in Europe.

Date: 23-25/09/2011
Trainer: Sunyogi Umasankar
Cost: EUR 240* / EUR 280
*early bird price for payment 1 month prior to date
Language: English & German translation
Level: Beginner | Advanced | professionals
Maximum participants: 25

We humans have become accustomed to that life is connected with restrictions joyless and painful ankles.

With the view of the exterior sun safe times, we bring the sun inside, and so remove the shadows that lie in our thoughts, feelings and our body.

Sungazing is the liberation of humanity from the dark sleep of ignorance of our spiritual existence, which allows us to find harmony and beauty of life.

Sungazing leads to an enlightened consciousness, clear mind, healthy body and pure joy.

Sunyogi Umasanakar

Sunyogi Umasankar is an Indian yogi who has mastered the practice of yoga sun, a means of connecting to the Divine or Supreme Soul through direct contact with the sun.

Sunyogi has led an extraordinary life. He spent 6 years to walk around the sub-continent India, without money or possessions and took a long time without food to eat, lived only on the energy of the sun. He recently finished his two-year retreat high in the Himalayas and came back into the world to teach yoga to the sun and to spread his message of universal peace, unity and fraternity.

More info here: Video & translation of his interview with Swami Umasankar

The thirteen steps of the Sun Yoga

1. Liberation of all material desires (sexuality, anger, greed, narrow-mindedness, ego & jealousy, shame, hatred and fear). Associated Chakras: Anahata, Vishuhda, Agna, Monipur, Swadhisthan. Subtle Body: Pratyahar.

2. Divine energy. Develop Associated Chakras: Sahasrar & Muladhar. Subtle Body: Dharana.

3. of Atma (or soul). discovery Associated Chakras: Dhyana & Dhyanarodhak. Subtle Body: Dhyana.

4. – Enlightenment. Samadhi Associated Chakras: Samadhi & Samadhirodhak. Subtle Body: Samadhi.

5. Relief from hunger. Associated Chakras: Chakra & Amrit Amritrodhak. Subtle Body: Amrit.

6. of thirst. Liberation Associated Chakras: Chakra & Jivanmukta Jivanmuktarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Jivanmukta.

7. of disease. Liberation Associated Chakras: Chakra & Rogamukta Rogamuktarodhak chakra. subtle body: Rogamukta.

8. – Adaptation of the mind in all situations. Paramahansa Associated Chakras: Chakra & Paramahansa Paramahansarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Paramahansa.

9. No hostility – All enemies become friends (including animals). Associated Chakras: Chakra & Chaityana Chaityanarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Chaityana.

10. Immortality (this happens when the body’s vibration environment like that). Associated Chakras: Chakra & Amarrodhak Amar Chakra. Subtle Body: Amar.

11. The body’s vibration is similar to the vibrations of the earth. Associated Chakras: Chakra & Grahanusama Grahanusamarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Grahanusama.

12. The body’s vibrations to the vibrations of the same sun. Associated Chakras: Chakra & Nakhatranusama Nakhatranusamarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Nakhatranusama.

13. The body’s vibrations are similar to the vibrations of the universe (Supreme Soul). Associated Chakras: Chakra & Brahmbhandanusama Brahmbhandanusamarodhak chakra. Subtle Body: Brahmbhandanusama.

To learn more and sign up, visit


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Gailiano said:

on June 17th, 2011

There must be a specific yoga posture for painful
ankles. Would it be shoulder stand? Or the plow?


SunYogi Reply:

You would be best served by changing your diet. Faulty diet is the root cause of 90% of our health problems – unless the problems are due to physical injury. Stretching the ankles with yoga asanas will help to relieve the symptoms, however without a dietary change the problem will continue.

You can try asanas that will stretch the ankles: Malasana (Garland Pose) and Supta Virasana (Reclining Hero Pose).

Inverted postures will relieve pressure on your ankles, but they will not stretch/open them. Namaste.


raju said:

on December 24th, 2011

i met sunyogi at hyderabad exellent experience i never forget that enlightenment in my life. just my advise please put a ashramam(work shop) in hyderabad is available hire…..22 with grape gardens.acaras near by international air port.


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